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Both the antibiotic choice and duration of treatment are different for PID than they are for chlamydia. If you were diagnosed with PID, it is very important that you take all medication as prescribed and return frequently to your health care provider for follow up exams as directed.
Probably yes because these are 2 different conditions. It's true that that Chlamydia can be the cause of both but PID is more serious and should be treated longer. PID can also be caused by Gonorrhea, which may requires different antibiotic.

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Q: If you took anitibiotics for chlamydia do you still have to take antibiotics for PID?
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How do boys get rid of chlamydia?

You must take antibiotics to get rid of chlamydia.

Why don't anitibiotics work on virus?

Antibiotics do not work on viruses because viruses are not cells which can take in and out or be infected by specific processes.

What if you were treated for something else and had antibiotics could you find out if you had chlamydia?

No; you must be tested to confirm that you have chlamydia. It's possible that the other antibiotics cleared chlamydia, even though you didn't take them for that purpose. Ask your health care provider for advice based on the antibiotics you took.

Do you take vaginal injections to cure chlamydia?

No, there is no need for an injection of any kind to cure chlamydia. It can be cured with a single dose of antibiotics in pill form.

Can you take a shower if you have chlamydia?

You can take a shower if you have Chlamydia.

Can you still get chlamydia if you and your partner got treated?

There is no such thing as a "chlamydia trait." Chlamydia is not a genetic infection. Once you take effective treatment, the infection is gone, although any damage or scarring it caused is not reversible with antibiotics.

Can you take chlamydia treatment with soda?

Yes, you can take the antibiotic for chlamydia with soda. Some treatments require an empty stomach, and others should be taken with food. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist for advice specific to your situation. As for treatment of chlamydia infection, antibiotics are the most common but it will cause drug resistance and can be easily recurrent. Herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill maybe a better option compared with antibiotics, because it is made from Chinese herbs without any side effects and drug resistance.

Do you still get your period if your on the pill and take Antibiotics?


What if you take the chlamydia medication without having it?

You should not take medications for conditions that you do not have. Most medications carry with them certain risks. When you have an illness, the doctor may decide that the benefits of taking the medication outweigh the risks associated with it.

Can you take antibiotics with garcinia?

Just started a 5day regiment of doxycycline, can I still take the G arcinia Cambodia

Will a course of antibiotics heal your infected piercing?

Yes. Of course, you still want to take really good care of your piercing while taking the antibiotics.

Does chlamydia lay dormant after antibiotics?

Chlamydia does not remain "dormant." A person can have chlamydia for years without having symptoms, but the infection is active during that time, and can be transmitted and can cause damage, even if the patient doesn't notice any pain, discharge, or unusual symptoms.