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Q: If you turn in a vehicle to the lender in Arizona can the lender garnish your wages and if so is there a maximum percentage that can be taken?
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Can a bank take your other assets after repossession of vehicle in Ga?

Our company that refinanced the vehicle is threatning to garnish wages and garnish our other vehicle (of which is paid for) and other assets.

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How is vehicle gradeability measured?

Vehicle gradeability is measured in percentage.

Can your wages be garnished for a repoed vehicle in portland OR?

they should not be able to garnish wages for a vehicle the leinholder has taken back into their possession for payments not being made. They have the vehicle back, so its not right for them to take your money.

Can you be arrested for vehicle embezzlement if you are knowingly hiding a vehicle from a repossession agency in the state of Arizona?


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Can a creditor garnish your wages for a vehicle that they have repossessed?

Yes. There's a process they have to follow, which includes getting a court judgment against you. If you don't hold to that judgment (which is usually paying back the money owed), they can ask the court to garnish your wages.

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Maximum weight for the Chevy Venture varies by the year of the vehicle. The 2014 model has a maximum weight of 3,500 pounds.

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Can the creditor garnish your wages for the balance of the loan owed to them after they sell the vehicle?

With FEW exceptions, YES. that is the lenders usual option to collect.

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Can my insurance co. disability payments or my workers comp payments be garnished for a vehicle reposession?

They might be able to garnish your payments for the money that you owe them , but nothing more since vehicle has been repossessed.

Can they garnish your wages for a repo in nc?

No you can only garnish wages for Taxes, student Loans, Child and spouse support, and payment of ambulance services in some cases. or If the federal or state courts make the employer garnish wage. Bank loans for Vehicle, house, or credit cards are usually not permisable for garnishing wages in NC. Hope this helps.

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The maximum weight a vehicle is able to carry and/or tow.

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