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If you turn in a vehicle to the lender in Arizona can the lender garnish your wages and if so is there a maximum percentage that can be taken?


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Our company that refinanced the vehicle is threatning to garnish wages and garnish our other vehicle (of which is paid for) and other assets.

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The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of a vehicle/trailer is the total weight of a fully loaded vehicle/trailer with maximum number of passengers allowed, maximum number of cargo allowed, full tank of gas, etc that the vehicle should weigh at maximum.

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Vehicle gradeability is measured in percentage.

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they should not be able to garnish wages for a vehicle the leinholder has taken back into their possession for payments not being made. They have the vehicle back, so its not right for them to take your money.

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maximum weight a vehicle can pull legally is written on specs plate on door. the maximum weight is galled gvw or gross vehicle weight if this is a commercial vehicle it also depends on what weight your tag allows gvw includes all and any parts of vehicle, passengers and whatever load is in or on any part of vehicle , including any trailer

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