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There is no solid answer on how much exercise you need. My recommendation is to stay as active as possible. Having an active job is a good start. I do know that you will need more exercise than your job gives you. Try and walk around while you are talking on the phone. Don't sit on the couch while you watch tv, sit on an exercise ball and bounce around which works your abs and lower back, take a short walk before you eat. You should still get exercise that raises your heart rate, which I doubt your job does even though you are being active. 30-60 minutes 6 days a week is the general guideline. You should be breathing hard and sweating for 30-60 minutes, which takes a certain level of effort above and beyond your normal activities.

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Q: If you wait tables in a fast-paced restaurant 4-5 hours per day 5-6 days per week how much more exercise do you need to be considered healthy?
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What is better for you healthy eating or exercise?

Healthy eating tops exercise, but it's honestly a lot easier to exercise for most than it is to eat healthy.

What is healthy weight loss?

It is recommended that a healthy weight loss is around 2 or 2.5 lbs a week implicating proper diet and exercise regime. More than this is not considered to be healthy.

What is a healthy weight loss?

It is recommended that a healthy weight loss is around 2 or 2.5 lbs a week implicating proper diet and exercise regime. More than this is not considered to be healthy.

What amount of exercise is considered healthy to do each day?

According to any website on the Web, about 150 minutes of exercise is plenty. The types of exercises that will keep you healthy the most are Aerobic and Strength Training. You could even try swimming and running.

Why is playing basketball healthy for your body?

exercise. Any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up is healthy. Basketball is a fun game and is also a very healthy form of exercise !

How do you reduce your bmi?

Drink water, eat healthy, and exercise Drink water, eat healthy, and exercise

What is an exercise program that will make weight loss healthy?

There are plenty of exercise programs that will make weight loss healthy especially weightwatchers. Weightwatcher use food products and exercise to lose weight. Eating a healthy diet can be an exercise program.

Can exercising affect your internal health?

Don't quite know what you mean by "internal" health, but exercise is considered generally healthy.

How to have a healthy body?

Exercise and maintain healthy diet.

How can you mountain a healthy weight?

Exercise and healthy diet

How can kids get healthy?

Exercise and Healthy eating :D

How is healthy lifestyle and daily exercise related?

They both are HEALTHY and contribute to a good lifestyle. If anything daily exercise falls under the category of healthy lifestyle.

Does exercise keep your body working hard or healthy?


What is the factor that keep healthy?

Healthy eating and good exercise

More full of vitality?

Vitality can be considered as healthy. And then to get more vitality you need to do things that make you healthier, like diet and exercise.

How do you have healthy semen?

exercise them

How does exercise help maintain healthy bones?

Exercise maintains healthy bones by making bones grow stronger and denser

How does the heart keep itself healthy?

If you eat healthy and exercise regularly, your heart will be healthy.

What is healthy for your child?

Healthy products and healthy foods are good for your child. Sunshine and exercise.

Is golf considered a Fitness exercise?

Golf is not consider a healthy hobby. In fact most habitual golfers are overweight. People seeking exercise are advised to find an alternative to golfing such as tennis for instance.

What can exercise do to a pregnant teen?

Keep her healthy. Everyone who has a healthy normal pregnancy should exercise. You can even jog. Swimming is a great exercise and feels great when you get bigger.

How do you keep liver healthy?

eat very healthy food exercise

What two things can you do to keep your heart healthy?

Exercise and healthy food.

Does eating healthy foods keep you healthy?

eating healthy foods help keep you healthy but you also have to exercise regularly. exercise + eating healthy = being healthy Also make sure you have a balanced diet and aren't missing something in your diet such as protein or vegetables.

What can you do to keep your brain healthy?