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Yes it will but increase the amount you do to make them more defined and make sure you have good form. Or you could bench press. But push ups alone won't give you pecs. they will only tone your pecs. to build mass you should lift weights: flyes, bench press with barbell and dumbell, etc.

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Q: If you want really nice pecs and you do about 200 push ups a day will that give you nice pecs?
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What exercises focus on strengthening pecs?


What is a good exercise for large pecs?

Push ups

What are the best work outs for your arm muscles pecs and abs and your only 15?

For the arms there is the curl, the wrist curl which works the forearm. For the pecs, you can do the bench, pec-deck and push ups help. And for the abs leg raises work them and crunches. Also V-situps work really well.

How do you even out your pecs if one is smaller than the other?

if you do regular push ups and other exercises that involve your pecs they will eventually even out. the weaker muscle will be stressed more and create more muscle.

Do push-ups help develop pecs?

Yes, in fact, this is the #1 best way to train pecks.

Do push ups help with arm toning?

Push ups will help with upper back, pecs, shoulders, and tricep. They are absolutely a good way to tone your arms.

You are having trouble building up your chest while working out?

I find wide arm push ups the most effective way of building up pecs, and to be honest, it looks a lot better than weight-gained pecs. For inner pecs: close grip chin ups, hands touching.

Does doing push-ups increase your chest size?

Yes, the exercise will build up the size of the pectoral muscles ("pecs").

Which major muscle group is worked when you do push up's?

Petorial muscles

What is press up?

A press up is very similar to a push up only a push up works triceps, biceps, and pecs a press up works biceps, stomach, and lats

How do teachers give hope to students?

If The Teachers Push You Really And Make you stay after school to do work.

What is the antagonist muscle in a push up?

in the downward phase (eccentric phase) the biceps, pecs and abs are the agonist muscles and the triceps, lats and spinal erectors are the antagonist. In the upward phase (concentric phase) they are reversed. The triceps, lats and spinal erectors are the agonists and the biceps, pecs & abs are the antagonists. Your deltoids are your stablisers