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Well, if only one of your eyes needs correction then you only need one lens. As long as the lenses are colored it is unlikely anyone will notice any difference. Some people are sensitive to contacts and when they wear them their eyes get redder. If this is the case with you then people will probably notice the redness in one eye but will usually assume that there is a cause other than contacts.
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Are there different contact lens for the right and the left eye if the prescription is the same?

No, there's no difference.

Are there different contact lens for the right and the left eye?

For most people, yes--your prescription will USUALLY be different in each eye.

What contact lens goes in which eye?

The left one goes in the left eye and the right one goes in the right eye... ;)

OD is left or right eye?

The O.D. designation on an eyeglass or contact lens prescription means the right eye or oculus dexter. The O.S. means left eye or oculus sinister.

Can you wear contact lens if you have vision of -800 right -790 left eye?

dang you blind!!

Why does your left contact lens hurt?

Well if your right handed (which apparently you are) it's because for right handed people your left eye is always sensitive. For left handed people their right eye is more sensitive. Hope this helped!

How can you tell the difference between right and left contact lenses?

As such there is no difference between the lenses as long as prescription is same for both the eyes. So in mostly both the eyes have same prescription. If there's a difference, then mark the case with some indicators to distinguish. When you are getting your contact lens prescription the first time, the eye doctor will mark the box for you if you have a different precription for each eye. L means the contact lens will go in the left eye and R will go in the right eye.

What produces an image that is upside down and reversed from left to right?

a convex lens

What kind of lens produces an image that is upside down and reversed from left to right?

A convex lens

What is a standard lens notation RE Spectacle lenses?

In the US, spectacle lens prescriptions will generally follow the following format: Right Lens Sphere Power - Right Lens Cylinder Value - Right Lens Cylinder Axis Left Lens Sphere Power - Left Lens Cylinder Value - Left Lens Cylinder Axis Reading Addition Power Other information may also be included on the written prescription, but the necessary information listed above will always be included in the format indicated.

Does contact lens affect the eyes?

sometimes if you dont put them on right

Is there a right age to wear a contact lens?

i used to wear lens when i was 14, but i suggest you to ask your eye care professional

What kind of contact lens are there?

There are different types of Contact Lenses. Few names are here:Contact Lens TypesDisposable SoftDailyExtended WearSphericalToricMore types of Contact LensesMultifocal / BifocalRigid Gas PermeableColor variation in Contact lensesOpaqueEnhancersVisibility Tinted

How do you get a contact lens out?

Any easier way is to use contact lens remover which can be used for soft and hard contact lens.

What are the best contact lens solutions?

There are many different types of contact lens solution available. What is considered 'the best' will rely partially on one's opinion of the product and its use.

Is there right age to wear contact lens?

at least 7 years of age

Would it matter if you put the left contact lens on the right eye?

If there is a difference in prescription that this can cause a reduction in overall acuity.Also, if you use 2 different lens parameters for each eye this may also affect comfort and/or vision.Furthermore, you can possibly spread infections more easily by "mixing up" the lenses

What is the difference between regular eye drops and contact lens eye drops?

the contact lens drops are of a different consistency than the regular and ingredients aren't as strong, I think

What are the different aids for human eye?

Glasses, contact lens, lasik surgery

How do you sterilize contact lens cases?

a contact lens case is a case where you keep your contact lens compact and clean and if you do not no what a contact lens is its something you put in your eyes to help you see better in stead of using glasses

What does a contact lens optician do?

I believe that they measure your eye or something for you contact lenses. You do know they're custom fit for you, right?

What are lens part of?

Lens is part of contact.

If you wear a prosthetic or fake eye can you pop it in and out like a contact lens?

I have a prosthetic eye. It's like a contact lens, and it goes in similar to a contact lens

How many contact lens colors are there?

There are many different types of contact lens colors. There are full color lenses like theatrical contacts. There are enhancing lenses. There are ones that make your eyes gold.

When was first contact lens?

the first contact lens ever made was made out of glass.