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If you were born in America, you are an American citizen and therefore cannot be sent to Another Country.

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If you were born in America and your parents wants to send you back to their country do you have to go?

Yes, Until You are over 18

What did they call America back when there was slaves?

The Worst country in the world

What do I do if I got a girl pregnant in another country?

Never go back to that country...

When will the people of America take back their country from Israel?

nobody knows

What is another name for back country skiing?

Back country skiing is where one hikes to the crest of a hill, and alpines down. A type of skiing similar to back country skiing is telemark skiing. Back country skiing has no synonyms.

Who was president of the US of America in 1300s?

No one, America was not discovered back then it wasn't till July 4, 1776 America became a country.

If you move to another country can you still have visitation with your children?

Absolutely. You just have to come back to this country to do it.

What was the first country to bring man back from the moon?

Only one country has ever sent people to the moon, or brought them back from there: the United States of America.

What happenns if A person convicted of a crime granted a bail and go back to the community but commit another crime Bail forfeiture- skip to another country?

Simple. If that country has signed an extradition1 treaty with America, back he/she goes. 1 An extradition (Ecks-trah-dih-shun) treaty is an agreement between two countries that if a criminal flees one country and heads to the other country, the latter returns the criminal to stand trial in the former.

How do you win back ex boyfriend when his leaving in another country?

You don't.

When a country strikes back at another country because of something that has happened it is called?

retaliationThis is called retaliation.

Which country of middle America traces it's history back to the Aztecs?

Mexico city

How do you get back at my parents?

I have no wish to get back at your parents.

Should illegal immigrants be shipped back to their own country?

Yes.If immigrants come to America and have dangerous weapons or without visa they will definitley be sent back to their own country.

How does a chimpanzee get around?

rides on his parents or another animals back, walks, swings, rolls, crawls

Will Tupac Come Back 2011?

it is said that he is in another country! but there is a chance he might

In what country was the cowboy hat invented?

North america, but brimmed hats date back to mongolia.

What was Hawaii like back in the days?

Hawaii was once its own country until America stole it from them

Why was the African country of Liberia found?

Liberia was founded to get free slaves back to africa from america.

Do you owe thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt?

yes she did help end the great depression by going country to country report to her husband how it was back in america

What are the four ways to get citizenship?

The laws will surely vary from one country to another, and from one year to another, but in general, the following are common ways to become a citizen of a country:You were born in that country.Your parents have that citizenship - or one of your parents does.You get married to someone that has the citizenship.You live for a certain time in the country.You did the country some favor, or are otherwise held in high esteem by the country (perhaps you are just famous for something...) and are offered an honorary citizenship.ok first you be nice to people and help as much as you can you do more better for you and others but never be mean or do a bad thing as in back sas and more im sure that u can think of a couple more ideas.

Where the Narnia children ever reunited with their parents?

Yes. By the time of Dawn Treader, it is clear that they have left their evacuation-house in the country and have been back with their parents for some time. At the end of The Last Battle, it is revealed that their parents have been killed in the same train accident, and they are in fact in Aslan's Country with them.

What country did Nathaniel Hawthorne live for a year before returning back to America?

I believe it was Itay that Nathaniel Hathorne spent a year in before returning to America.

Could America have produced a Hitler?

Well, looking back it is difficult to believe that a sophisticated, democratic country like Germany produced a Hitler, so that shows that it is possible for any country, including America, to produce a Hitler.

Can you go to another country marry there and then bring your spouse back with you legally?

No, you will have to petition your spouse through the normal channels in the US. There is really no short cut. Yes you can, but not literally taking her back with you right away. You have to go back to your country and leave your wife to her country and you have to file for a petition.

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