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It has nothing to do with the partner's looks or character, but with how the cheater views his relationships. Many are "cakemen" (or cakewomen), basically someone who wants a relationship while still playing the field with other people. Such an individual views his relationship or marriage as a safety net and a source of suppport, even while he is cheating on his partner. The affairs give him a rush, a sense of excitment and freedom and fufill the "player" or "womanizer" character he believes himself to be. Some cakeman, if confronted, may in all honesty say that they love their partners and that their flings or affairs have nothing to do with their principal relationship, even when it is damaging to their partners. This kind of person will continue to have other women, one night stands or sex buddies, regardless of who he is in a relationship with. Why do women put up with men like that? There actually are men who are intelligent, caring and faithful. Don't answer this one to anyone except yourself, but honestly, how long have you known that this guy cheats on you? How long have you suspected that he can't be faithful. You've had suspicions for a long time and have intellectually known that this won't work, haven't you? Don't pretend to be surprised at his behavior, he's given you plenty of hints.

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Why did lita cheat on Matt hardy?

because lita thought that their relationship was going down hill so she cheat!!! (p.s. i still thing her and Jeff made a better couple)

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Do men or women cheat more in relationship?

It is a fact that men cheat more.

Steps in a relationship?

get together, cheat, makeup intercourse, cheat, cheat, find out, break up, hall pass, get back together, babys. CHEAT! CHEAT!

Why does one person in a relationship cheat on the other?

Because they are not being fulfilled in the relationship.

Why do students cheat?

the main cause is relationship

Why do boys or guys cheat?

Boys or guys might cheat because they feel that they are missing something in their relationship. They might also cheat because they are not mature enough to have a relationship with just one single person.

Why did Rihanna cheat on chirs brown?

Apparently she didnt cheat on him. He thought she was cheating on him. That's why he bet her .

Help a attractive married man wants you to go out with him?

Help, a man wants to cheat on his wife.

Will your boyfriend cheat on you since he looks at other attractive women on tv and in real life?


What race cheat the most in a relationship?

Hispanic men

Is it true that women cheat up and men cheat down and what do these expressions mean?

Cheating up means to cheat with someone who is better (ie. more attractive ect.) Cheating down means to cheat with someone who is below (ie. hookers ect.)

How can you make your product be attractive?

make it go to Ethiopia and cheat on u and take extince make it go to Ethiopia and cheat on u and take extince make it go to Ethiopia and cheat on u and take extince

Why do some kids cheat?

Some kids cheat because it is a reflection of their lifelong relationship with their guardian(s) or people they are constantly in contact with. The more closer the relationship the less likely the kid will cheat because there is an open communication between the parties

Is cheating a problem?

Of course it is, there is never a good or justifiable reason to cheat. Its better to just get out of the relationship your in then to cheat on the person.

In a long distance relationship how can you be sure that your man doesn't cheat on you and how can you tell if he does?

if you really love him you 'll trust him that he does not cheat !!!!!!!!!

If both partners cheat what's the outcome?

A bad relationship.

Did Noel Fielding cheat on Dee Plume?

no, they have an open relationship

Is it wrong for a guy to cheat?

To me it is very wrong to cheat because if you guys have a good relationship for a long time I would be sad, and WRONG.if it was a terrible relationship I would jest have left him from the start

Where to download backyard monster cheats?

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How exactly do you save your relationship after cheating?

let the person your dating cheat on you

Who did ariana cheat on?

no one of course, she lovees the people shes in a relationship with

How many percent of females cheat in a relationship?

There are no correct statistics as to how many females cheat in a relationship because cheating is done in secrecy and many are still going on without the other mate knowing she is cheating on him.

Can you cheat playing joker poker machines?

No, any cheat ideas have been thought of by the maker and precautions made to prevent this from happening.

Can you cheat if your boyfriend is in a different state?

Cheating is not okay, even if you are in different states. If you want to cheat then you should consider why you are in a relationship with someone.