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If you were in a relationship for seven years and thought he was the love of your life why would he cheat on you many times if you are attractive and hard-working?

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2006-09-08 14:25:50

It has nothing to do with the partner's looks or character, but

with how the cheater views his relationships. Many are "cakemen"

(or cakewomen), basically someone who wants a relationship while

still playing the field with other people. Such an individual views

his relationship or marriage as a safety net and a source of

suppport, even while he is cheating on his partner. The affairs

give him a rush, a sense of excitment and freedom and fufill the

"player" or "womanizer" character he believes himself to be. Some

cakeman, if confronted, may in all honesty say that they love their

partners and that their flings or affairs have nothing to do with

their principal relationship, even when it is damaging to their

partners. This kind of person will continue to have other women,

one night stands or sex buddies, regardless of who he is in a

relationship with. Why do women put up with men like that? There

actually are men who are intelligent, caring and faithful. Don't

answer this one to anyone except yourself, but honestly, how long

have you known that this guy cheats on you? How long have you

suspected that he can't be faithful. You've had suspicions for a

long time and have intellectually known that this won't work,

haven't you? Don't pretend to be surprised at his behavior, he's

given you plenty of hints.

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