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You cannot be sued twice for the same debt or sued again on a debt that has already been reduced to judgment. By law, a judgment can stay on your reports for the term of the judgment or the 7-1/2 years, though most will come off in the usual time frame. If the judgment remains unpaid and valid, it could be put back on your reports. A judgment creditor can still summon you to court for a debtor's exam on an unpaid judgment.

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Q: If you were in the credit bureau for more than 7 years for a judgment and it was deleted can the company come back and try to put you back in the bureau and try taking you to court?
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How is a judgment reported to the credit bureau?


What will happen if you dont paid your credit card bills?

Your credit card company will report you to one of the three credit agencies, Experian credit bureau, Equifax credit bureau, and TransUnion credit bureau.

Why won't the credit bureau remove a realized judgment in Texas?

55.6 INR

Can a landlord report a judgment against a tenant to the credit bureaus when he has the tenant's Social Security Number?

Yes, a landlord can report a judgment against a tenant. Often, the court will report the judgment to the credit bureau.

When an account is deleted from a credit bureau do the other credit bureaus automatically delete it too?

only if you and your lender report it to the other bureaus

Can a judgment be reported to more that one credit bureau?

Yes a judgement can be reported to more than one credit bureau and is usually reported to the three major credit bureaus (equifax, tranunion & experian)

What does it mean if a credit card company enters a judgment on you?

It means that you have that on your credit report for 8 years and that they have the right to collect the judgment from you.

How do you register a company in a credit bureau?

Contact Dunn and Bradstreet they will provide your company a rank

You had a judgment deleted from your credit report due to a misunderstanding with the credit bureau how many points will your credit score increase?

It depends on other factors of your credit report--but I have seen personally a FICO score increase 140 points once a judgment has been removed. Here are the scoring factors and their weights on a FICO scores: Payment History 35%, Amount of Credit Owing 30%, Length of Credit History 15%, New Credit 10%, and Type of credit in use 10%. Because these factors are considered, it depends. I would say from 50-150.

When a credit card company is awarded a judgment can you include this judgment on a Bankruptcy in CA?

The short answer to this question is YES.

What is full form jcb?

Japan Credit Bureau. It is a credit card company based out of Tokyo, Japan.

When the credit bureau report updated on a judgment exactly what could they have updated on a judgment that was filed 4 years ago except paid?

If it was not paid in full or settled, the judgment may have been renewed by the judgment holder. Most judgments are renewable and can be kept on a credit report for an undetermined amount of time.

What happens when you don't pay the credit bureau money that is owed?

Well first, you shouldn't owe a credit bureau such as Experian or Equifax; you should owe a lender such as a credit card company or other business. If you fail to pay, the party you owe may win a judgment against you in court requiring you to pay the debt. If the debt remains unpaid, wages can be garnished with a court order.

If credit card company has a judgment against you can they intercept income tax return?

No, unless the refund is directly deposited into your bank and the credit card company has a judgment and files a lien on your account. Not legal in many states.

What is the difference between credit agency and credit bureau?

A credit agency is a company that give you credit. for example : cibc, scotia bank other credit cards. bank loans, secured loans etc. A credit bureau, is where your credit information is kept, equifax etc. hope this helped.

How is a civil judgment entered on a credit report?

Credit bureaus contract agencies to search public records. The judgment is then reported to the credit bureau and the notation is placed in the file of the judgment debtor. False/mistaken judgment entries on credit reports are not uncommon and is a major reason why consumer's should check their report on a regular basis. A civil judgment is entered on a credit report 15 to 30 days after a court proceeding. If the judgment is in fact true in nature, you can negotiate with the creditor to pay them on different terms to keep the judgment off. If the judgment is not yours, you will need to find the state and county in which they were filed and dispute this information with all three credit bureaus.

When was the experian credit bureau established?

The Experian Credit Bureau was established in 1980 as Information Services Company. It operates out of thirty-six countries and employs over fifteen hundred people.

How do you remove a false charge off date from your credit report if the date was reset from the original?

You can have a credit dispute, if the agency reporting the bad judgment does not get back with the company disputing the judgment within 30 days, it HAS to be removed from your credit report. Example: I filed bankruptcy(?) on a auto repo. and the company did not take it off my credit report, I had my credit card company do a credit dispute, they did not respond within 30 days, and it was removed from my credit report.

Should you tell your new landlord about judgment that was paid?

no, if the credit bureau has it listed just make sure they also have it showing as paid.

How can a Wizard credit check be performed?

A Wizard credit check can be performed by going to a credit bureau and getting help from the credit bureau. Another way to do it is through an online credit bureau.

Can a creditor go after a corporation to satisfy a credit card judgment?

Only if the credit card is assigned to the business as a company card.

Can personal property be levied when a judgment is placed against you for credit card deliquency?

Answer: If your credit card company obtains a judgment against you they may take any property of value that they can find.

When was Japan Credit Bureau created?

Japan Credit Bureau was created in 1961.

What is the population of Japan Credit Bureau?

The population of Japan Credit Bureau is 2,755.

Where can one find company credit reports?

Finding one's company credit report can be done by purchasing it from a business credit bureau. Dun and Bradstreet as well as Experian offer subscription services to allow for the access to one's own company credit report at any time.