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OUCH!! I hope that you two are okay. You sould stop by her office and ask her for the information to file a claim. If they don't want to give it to you, tell them that you will get a lawyer! They should pay for your medical bills. Be safe:)

2006-07-26 19:51:16
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Q: If you were injured by a falling garage door while moving out of a rental property how do you get the owners insurance information to file a claim?
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Homeowner insurance cover injury to a person on your property?

any person who is injured on your property which is a fault of the property such as wall falling on them or they trip on a garden path. this would be covered under the property owners liability and usually allows upto £2million

If I am injured on someone's property what can I expect from the home owners insurance?

Expect nothing, get an attorney...

What happens when you are sued in civil court for your neighbor being injured on your property?

You call your insurance company

What kinds of things does my homeowners liability insurance cover?

When you own a home you are libl for nything that happens on your property. Homeowners liability insurance covers you in the event someone i injured on your property. Homeowner's liability insurance covers the homeowner in the event that someone gets injured while on their property. It covers medical bills and other expenses for guests if something happens to them while at your home.

Is liability insurance on property that is not being lived in necessary?

Yes. If anyone is injured on that property, even if there without permission, the owner may be held responsible.

What insurance pay other people for damages caused by you or your property?

In Third Party Motor Car Insurance,when a third person is injured by your car, Insurance Co. will pay him/her under this policy.

What type of insurance do you need to operate and own a barber shop?

There are many types of insurance you will need to own and operate your barbershop. The most important insurance will be liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you in the event someone is injured on your property.

Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurance policy for accidental injuries. Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may arise out of home ownership. Home insurance does not replace medical insurance. If you think the property owner is liable through cause of injury, you might seek coverage under their liability if they carry the coverage.

Are Arizona drivers required to have auto insurance?

Yes, state law in Arizona requires drivers to have auto insurance. The minimum required insurance is $15000 per injured person and $10000 for property damage.

Where can one get information on Travelers Life Insurance?

Travelers Life Insurance is a type of insurance that compensates a family if the person under the policy is injured or killed due to an accident while traveling. The websites of businesses that offer this insurance have more information about their individual policies.

What can you do if you were injured on someones property and they have no insurance to cover your bills?

Bring suit against them in civil court and convince the judge to place a lien against any property them may own.

Does homeowners insurance cover contract laborers injured on ones property?

Employee injuries and Homeowners InsuranceNO, Your homeowners insurance policy does not extend coverage to your employees nor to the employees of a contractor performing services at your home.The injured employee needs to look to the employers provided Workers compensation program or to their own medical insurance policy for coverage.

Can an injured party include a homeowners insurance company in a claim to recover damages for personal property destroyed in a fire in the state of Idaho?

Homeowners Insurance is specific to the property of the named insured(s). It does not matter what state your in. If you are a third party not named on the Home insurance policy, then you nor any of your property would be covered and you would not have a valid claim.

If a son or daughter living with a homeowner is injured on the property is the injury covered by the homeowner's insurance?

No, your medical payments do not apply to resident relatives, only to guests.

Will your homeowner's insurance pay if you are sued?

If it relates to a personal injury claim where the individual was injured on the policy holder's property then usually homeowner's insurance will provide compensation up to the specific amount stated in the policy.

What type of insurance would cover expenses for someone injured on your property?

Public Liability Insurance is the ideal insurance that will cover someone injured on your property.This type of policy covers the insured's liability to members of the public. Such liabilities may arise as a result of the insured's business operation. The business being operated by the insured in his/her premises may at times lead to death, injury or accident to third parties, or damage to third party's property. Insured means policy holder.A bit more:Your homeowner's insurance policy will also include liability insurance if you have the right type of policy. Check with your homeowner's insurance company to see if you have that type of coverage.

Landlord Insurance Can Protect You and Your Income?

If you rely on revenue from rental properties as your sole income or even as a supplement to other income, you need to have landlord's insurance to protect yourself as well as your assets. If someone is injured on property you own, you could be liable for thousands of dollars if you do not have landlord's insurance. Insurance can also protect you if your property is damaged and you cannot rent it until repairs are made. With landlord's insurance, you can restore your property and begin to generate revenue much more quickly after a disaster.

Do you need home owners insurnace after you pay off your mortgage?

You don't HAVE to cover your property with homeowners insurance once your home has not mortgage but you could lose everything if you had a fire or if someone was injured on your property. Some HOA's require some type of insurance on every property regardless of mortgage. Its not a wise decision to drop coverage.

Will your homeowner's insurance pay medical expenses if you are injured in a fall in your home?

No, that would be medical insurance. Homeowner's insurance covers things like burglaries and damage to the home. * Homeowner's insurance will pay for injuries to other persons that occur on the owner's property when they find the claim justified.

What does loss assessment mean on a homeowners policy?

Loss assessment on a homeowner's insurance policy is protection against getting sued for a person being injured on the property. This is a common insurance that condominium owners need to protect themselves from lawsuits for someone being injured in the common areas of the condominium complex..

What kind of health insurance covers you if you are injured on the job?

medical insurance

What effect do the tornadoes have on human life and property?

Tornadoes can damage or destroy property. For people whose homes are significantly damaged or destroyed it can be a major disruption in life, especially if they don't have adequate insurance. People can also be injured or killed during a tornado, and some of those injured have suffered permanent disabilities.

What is landord insurance?

Landlord insurance is specifically for anyone who has bought a property with the intention of renting it. It provides insurance cover that standard household;d insurance may not, for example covering third party legal costs if someone was to be come injured in the property. There are different kinds of landlord insurance depending on the degree of cover needed. You can also get landlord insurance which guarantees to cover your rent payments for a period of time, should your tenants default on payment.

What happens if a persin is injured in a vehicle and doesnt have insurance?

It's on your car insurance.

Pet liability insurance?

Progressive Auto Insurance will cover your pet if it is injured in an accident with you.