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YES, but if you do start a new job, ANYWHERE, you have to notify the state office that you are working and the exact date you started working again and where you are working. If you don't notify them, and continue to accept payment, you are committing a felony fraud.

Jim Bunting. Toronto. Canada.

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Q: If you were laid off and getting unemployment in Wisconsin can you collect unemployment from Wisconsin while searching for a job in another state?
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Can you collect unemployment benefit in Wisconsin if the company is closing?

Yes,why would i not?

Can you collect Wisconsin unemployment in Iowa after moving?

If you qualified in Wisconsin, then yes, you can collect after your move. However, it would be collected from Wisconsin, either directly or through Iowa's employment security office.

Can a seasonal worker in Wisconsin collect unemployment?

No the money goes to gov walker as it should

Can you collect US unemployment benefits in another country?


Can you collect unemployment with another than honorable discharge from the marines?

Can you collect unemployment with an other than honorable discharge from the navy

Can you collect unemployment from CA if you move out of state?

Yes you can collect unemployment insurance from the of California while living in another state or district.

Can you collect unemployment from Massachusetts when you move to another state?

If you qualify for unemployment benefits from Massachusetts, then you can continue to collect from them if you follow their instructions for your move out of state.

Can you move to another state with higher unemployment compensation and collect from that state?

No. You can only collect from the state that your employer paid his unemployment taxes to, the "liable" state.

If you were laid off in Texas can you move to another state and collect unemployment benefits?

If you qualified, you can collect unemployment from Texas, the "liable state", but not from the state you move to.

How long can someone collect unemployment in Wisconsin?

Approximately 36 weeks. 26 weeks for the standard unemployment and 10 weeks for the "unusual" situation in which we find ourselves.

Can you collect unemployment in Wisconsin if you were let go during a probationary period and if you had a previous job for over a year?

Yes you can.

You were fired in pa can you collect in Ohio?

You cannot collect unemployment in another state that you weren't working in. Most of the time you cannot collect unemployment if you were terminated. This is particularly true in an at will state like Ohio.

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