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You would need to make right the bad checks that were written. Theres no other way around it. If you were also on the acct you would both be held responsible.

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Q: If you were on a joint account and the other person wrote bad checks can you get your name off chex systems?
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The person authorized to write checks on an account is called?

The person authorized to write checks on an account is called the account holder or account operating customer. He/she is the only person authorized to write checks on that account. Nobody else can do so. (In case of a joint account, all holders of the account can write checks)

Do both parties have to sign checks drawn on a joint personal checking account?

Typically no. A regular joint checking account just allows two people to have access. Either person can write checks, use a debit card, withdraw money, etc.

Do I as a joint person on a checking account have the right to the check book One of the owners of this account has another person with power of attorney handling the account?

Yes. As a joint owner of the account you have as much right to the account as the other joint owner.

Can one person of a joint account close the account?

No. Actually, it depends on how the account is titled. If it is a Joint OR account, than yes, one person or the other can close it without the other. If it is a Joint AND account than both need to be present to close the account.

If you have a joint checking account with someone and their name showed up on Chex Systems for abuse of account can the banks close the account even though the abuse was before the account was set up?

yes they can. Many banks run random checks with chexsystems and they will close accounts if the account holder has a negative report

Who can close a jonit savings account?

If the account is "Joint Tennants in Common" then all of the joint owners must be present to close that account/write checks/withdraw fund. Most banks do not offer Joint Tennants in Common, but offer "Joint With Rights of Survivorship" this means that only on owner must be present to close the account.

Soon to be ex husband is writing bad checks on your joint account?

You take your name off the checking account as soon as possible!!!!

If you have a joint account with a person that is sued can they come after your other accounts?

No. They can only go after the assets of the person that is being sued. If you have a joint account with that person that is part of the other person's assets. Any account that is just in your name is safe as you are not the person being sued.

How do you withdraw money from joint bank account?

A joint bank account is just like any account. You can withdraw money by all means like ATM, Checks, Withdrawal through withdrawal slips in the bank etc. however, the only difference is the fact that either of the account holders of the joint account can do this and one party cannot restrict the other parties involved in the joint holding of the account from withdrawing funds from the account.

Can you put someone on file to access a checking account with out their name showing up on the account?

You may be able to add someone as a joint owner of the account, which would allow them to access the account (make withdrawals, write checks, use online banking, have a debit card, etc) but you can still order checks with only your name on it. However, bank officials will still be able to see the joint owner's name on the account - it just wouldn't be on the checks. Ask your bank if they allow this.

If you have a joint bank account do you own the account if the other person passes away?

Yes. Think of a properly formed joint bank account as an account that each person owns in its entirety. If one dies their interest in the account disappears and the survivor is the sole owner.

Can I add another person to my checking account?

Yes, a member can add anyone, age 18 or older, as a joint owner to his/her account. As long as the joint individual is eligible for a checking account through the credit union or bank. This person has total access to do transactions on only the specific account they are joint on.

What happens to a joint checking account if one person dies without a will?

The other joint owner(s) are entitled to the funds in the account even if there is a will.

Can a creditor garnish your bank account if joint with another person?


Can two unrelated person have a joint account?

Yes, of course.

Can one person remove another from a joint business account?


Can you be on a joint checking account with bad credit?

You can be, although it will be undesirable to the person you're sharing the account with.

Can you file a civil suit against the person you have a joint account with if they withdrew your payroll check without permission?

No. You have a joint account with another person, they have full ownership rights just like you do. You should get your own account in your name only.

Can somebody go after your joint bank account in Maryland to collect a debt from just one person?

Yes. A joint bank account is an equal property of all the parties involved in the joint account. So if one of the parties who jointly hold an account owes a debt to the bank, the bank can lay claim to the cash he/she has in an account they jointly hold with another person.

How much money can a person move out of a joint account with the other joint person not approving?


Member of joint account does what happens for survivorship?

When a joint owner dies their interest passes automatically to the surviving owner. The survivor is the sole owner of the account and can close it or make changes. For example the survivor can take the decedent's name off the new checks for the checking account.

How do you divide a joint bank account?

A joint bank account is something that is owned/controlled by more than one person. So, to divide a joint bank account, the joint account holders have to come to an agreement as to who will be the sole owner of the account. Then, they must visit the bank and submit a written request. The bank will change the account to a single owned account after receiving the No Objection Letter from the other holders of the account.

Is it possible that 5 person open a joint account?

Theoretically speaking - Yes. Any number of people can have a joint account. But, practically speaking only 2 or 3 people hold a joint account together. The more the number of joint account holders, the more difficult it gets to handle the transactions in the account for both the customers and the bank.

Can a person who has power of attorney over a trust account change that account into a joint account?

no In order to change the account you must be the Grantor of the Trust.

What happens to a joint checking account when one person dies?

The other person will get all the money and will have to 'look after' the account. In technical terms it becomes a single person held/operated checking account