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it depends on what time your period comes on like before u start the pill, you know like beginning of the month (or end) when ever it came on before you got on the pill Hello. When you stop birth control pills you will first have a withdrawal bleed which can be very light, spotting or look exactly like your normal period. This is caused by the hormones combined in the pill, being released from your body. Once there released and your body begins adjusting to being without the pill, you have break through bleeding. It does take three months for the pill to be completely out of your system. When you expect your period is different in every woman. Some women have two periods in the first month of stopping the pill. This is the withdrawal bleed and the normal period. While other women have scanty periods for the next few months. It all depends on how quickly your body adjusts to being off the pill.

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Q: If you were on the mini pill for 1 year and have been off for 2 weeks how long should it take before you get your period?
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You been on your period for 2 weeks What is does that mean?

been on my period for 2 weeks what does that mean

You have been trying to get pregnant for some time this month you miss your period but you don't have any symptoms how many days you should wait before going for a test?

You should go for a test 2 weeks after your period was due

You have had breast tenderness for 2 weeks your period isn't due to start for another 2 weeks you usually have breast tenderness before your period but not this early you been havin stomach cramps?


How far pregnant would you be five weeks after intercourse?

They count pregnancy from your last menstrual period not from when you actually had sex and conceieved. So if its been 5 wks since you had sex and got pregnant but you had your period like a week before that then you'd be 6 weeks pregnant. Or if you started your period 2 weeks before you had sex then you'd be 7 weeks pregnant.

Can you take microgynon to make your periods start after 2 weeks late?

If you have been using the pill regularly, it can cause your periods to become very light or stop all together. If you have not been on BCP and your period is 2 weeks late you should find out why your period is late before taking a drug to make it start.

Should you take a pregnancy test if its been 31 days since your last period?

I think if it's been more than 2-3 weeks since your last period, you should do a test

Can pregnancy be detected before a missed period?

Depends on timing. If your period finished a day ago, you have a whole month to find out, but if it's been three weeks since you had your period, you'll notice the absence before the symptoms. 

Is there something wrong if you have your menstruation period for two and a half weeks?

i have been on my period for mroe than 2 weeks before now and it has only happened a coulpe of times. it is not unusual to have irregular periods but if this continues then consult your Dr.

Can an obgyn find out if a female is pregnant two weeks before your missed period?

Possibly. Assuming you conceived just after your last period, and it's been two weeks. But really, such tests are hardly worth doing until you've had the first indicator, which is the missed period.

Can the death of a close family member that happened 1 week before you were supposed to start your period prevent you from getting your period that month?

It's possible. Stress can cause ovulation to be suppressed, but that would've been two weeks before you were supposed to get your period.

After my period i stopped using the nuva ring its been 5 weeks and haven't had another period is this normal?

Yes, the next period typically comes in 4-6 weeks if your period was regular prior to using Nuva Ring. If your period was irregular before Nuva Ring, it is likely to return to its prior irregular habit.

If you take the pill for 2 weeks will you skip your period?

No. You should still have your period. Most people don't skip there periods unless they have been taken there pills for months. So expect your period.

Could you be pregnant if it's two weeks before your period and you've been having headaches slight cramping have been really tired and spotting really light for not even a day?

It is extremely unlikely as you would only just be ovulating two weeks before your period and therefore would only be getting pregnant if you were having sex on that day.

Been bleeding for two weeks what is this never had it before before?

where abouts have you been bleeding

Can you still be pregnant even if you have been on your period for 3 to 4 weeks and it has been spotting?

Yes you can be pregnant, I would go to the doc's you could be having a misscarage, A DNC would need to be done! Answer Hi I had Implantation bleeding 2 weeks before my period got my period so can't be pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test or go to the doctors and see what's wrong with your periods. Irregular periods could of caused it. From Pink Princess

Are there any certain things you can do or take to become pregnant?

The best way is to have intercourse at your fertile time, 2 weeks before a period is due. But there are no guarantees. If you have been trying for six months with no success, you and your partner should get checked out.

Could you be pregnant if you have had headaches and bloating for the last three to four days and have also been having unprotected sex with your partner and it's two weeks before your scheduled period?

You only get pregnant two weeks before a period so I doubt you are pregnant, the bloating and headaches may be from something you ate, have you been on a Chinese food jag? Alternatively, was your last period very light and short? If so it may have been an implantation bleed and you may be pregnant.

Should you be worried if your periods 1 day late?

yes and no. if you have been sexually active two weeks prior to your expected period you should wait a week before going to the doctor or taking a home pregnancy test. if not theres nothing to worry about, it should be coming the next day!

What should you do if you have been off of your birth control for 2 weeks should you go ahead and start a new pack?

Wait until you have had your period, and then begin taking the new pack the Sunday after your period is done. Good luck!

When should you worm baby goats?

When they are weaned (their mothers should have been wormed 8 weeks before kidding). When a worm test indicates they have worms.

You spotted 2 weeks before your period and it was 4 days late could you be pregnant?

yes you could be! the spotting could have been implantation bleeding. see if you get your period next month and take a test!

Should you go to the emergency room if you have been on your period for weeks because of the depo shot. and your having bad abdominal pain.?

Yes you should seek medical advice.

I am on my fourth week of my period i don't know what to do?

well, do u meen uve been wating 4 weeks and ur period hasn't come or uve had ur period for 4 weeks??

You've been having some cramping in your pelvic area and your not due for your period for like 2 weeks have been bleeding a little and fatigue Could this be a sign of pregnancy or a miscarriage?

No. You get pregnant 2 weeks before your period so would not yet have any symptoms. There is obviously a problem though so see your doctor.

I took my period cycle pill a week before i should have now i have stated my period but only bled once shuold i be worried?

If you have been on the pill for over 4 weeks then perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after you last had intercourse. If you've recently started birth control, you need to continue taking your pills as normal but you need to use a condom for 4 weeks to prevent pregnancy. The same applies to the above.