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If you are pregnant, it is very unlikely that you will have an abnormal pregnancy. But it also depends on which "pill" you took. If you took an regular Birth Control pill, it will have no effect on the baby since all they do is thicken the lining of your uterus to make it harder for the sperm to get through to the egg. I am not sure what would happen if you took the "abortion" pill. the abortion pill would have made you have an abortion if you took the morning after pill also called plan b it would have decreased your chances that a fertilized egg could implant into the uterine wall although if pregnancy was already established it does not cause an abortion or abnormalities in the fetus and no it does not cause you to have an ectopic pregnancy there are thousands of children here because birth control pills have failed and they are all very much normal and healthy i mean really how many children do you think were planned not that many!!!

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Q: If you were ovulating at the time the condom broke and took the pill 12 hours after sex and shows signs of pregnancy are you guaranteed an ectopic because of the pill or can you have a normal birth?
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Can a woman have a tubal ligation reversed?

Yes they can try but pregnancy is not guaranteed and there is a bigger risk for ectopic.

Can an ectopic pregnancy miscarry?

Yes, an ectopic pregnancy most often ends in miscarriage. An ectopic pregnancy cannot go to term because the fallopian tubes are not designed to house a growing baby

Can you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

can i still have a period with a ectopic pregnancy

Can trichomoniasis cause ectopic pregnancy?

Trichomoniasis won't cause an ectopic pregnancy.

What causes an ectopic pregnancy?

It is really unknown at the time about what causes an ectopic pregnancy.

When was Ectopic pregnancy discovered?

Ectopic pregnancy was first described in the eleventh century

Can you get heart burn with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy has nothing to do with heart burn.

Can you test positive for a pregnancy test if it's an ectopic pregnancy?

Yes you can....I have unfortunately had two ectopic pregnancies and tested positive for both.....

Do you need an ultrasound to tell if you have an ectopic pregnancy?

Yes, you do. An ectopic pregnancy is just like a "regular" pregnancy for the first few weeks. Everything feels the same. An ultrasound is done early in a pregnancy to check things out, and if a pregnancy is ectopic, a good ultrasound technician will be able to spot it. There is no other non-invasive way to discover an ectopic pregnancy, and because of the risks posed by an ectopic pregnancy, it is critical to discover it early - if in fact there is one. Ectopic pregnancies are invariably life-threatening events, and prenatal care is important for that and many other reasons.

When to expect normal menstruation after an ectopic pregnancy?

when can i expect menstruation after my operation of an ectopic pregnancy?

Could your next pregnancy be ectopic pregnancy also?

Well the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy is .25% which is less then 1% which would make it almost completely uncommon for a 2nd pregnancy to be ectopic, but that percent is possible, especially if you have previous....ectopic pregnancy. But its a low percent.

If you had an ectopic pregnancy can you have a normal pregnancy later?

Yes, however, there is a likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy if you have a first one.

Is one ectopic pregnancy happend again it repeted or not?

Someone who had an ectopic pregnancy is at higher risk for another in the future, but many women go on to have a uterine pregnancy after ectopic.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test if you are having an ectopic pregnancy?

if you go here it tells you all about ectopic pregnancy's

Is it possible to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnant?

Yes it is possible, because say for example, you had an ectopic pregnancy in one fallopian tube, then you could still have a pregnancy in the uterus or another ectopic pregnancy in the other fallopian tube or somewhere else because the other fallopian tube is still carrying the egg down to the uterus.

Can you get pregnant still if your tubes are tied and burned by having the sperm put into her ovaries?

No, that would cause an ectopic pregnancy if she happened to be ovulating - aside from needing surgery to access the ovaries.

What is the difference between a tubal and ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy, also called eccysis, is a pregnancy where the fertilized ovum from the ovary implants itself somewhere other than the uterus of the woman.The difference between an ectopic pregnancy and a tubal pregnancy is that "ectopic" refers to an egg that implants itself anywhere that is not the inside of the uterus; while "tubal" is a type of ectopi pregnancy where the egg implants itself somewhere within the fallopian tube. However, because tubal pregnancies are the most common type of ectopic pregnancy (over 95% frequency in natural conception), the words "ectopic" and "tubal" are often used interchangably.

What and how is ectopic pregnancy happen?

An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilised egg attaches itself outside the uterus. The most common place where the ectopic pregnancy occurs is the fallopian tubes. Other possible areas where the ectopic could occur are the ovaries, abdomen and the cervix. The cause for ectopic pregnancy is mostly unknown. However endometriosis, any surgery to the abdomen, previous pelvic inflammatory disease all increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy.

Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

Early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are spotting that does not go away, and pain on the side where the ectopic is. However, these symptoms mimick normal pregnancy symptoms. It is difficult to diagnose an ectopic any earlier than 4 weeks.

Whats the difference between a pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy?

A normal pregnancy is when the foetus grow in the womb where it's supposed to be, whereas an ectopic pregnancy is where the foetus is growing in the fallopian tubes, this is very serious if you suspect an ectopic pregnancy go strait to you GP or nearest A&E department, Ectopic pregnancies can be potentially life threatening.

Can a ectopic pregnancy be saved?

No it can not.

You had bv a few times what are your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy?

Your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy from BV is about zero.

HCG present in ectopic pregnancy?

Yes. In both urine and blood tests, HCG is present in ectopic pregnancy.

Where are some places you can go if you have an ectopic pregnancy?

Go to the ER right away. Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous.

What is utopic pregnancy?

You are probably thinking of an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy, also known as a tubal pregnancy, occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself on the outside of the uterine lining and the baby cannot survive because there is nothing to nurture and provide nutrients to the baby.