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Why would you want him back or for that matter consider your best friend still your best girlfriend? This guy is a complete jerk and he has absolutely no respect for women or hurting others feelings. He leaves bodies behind him wherever he goes.

I know it really hurts when you love and trusted someone and they find someone else, but when that someone turns out to be your best girlfriend, then that really stings.

Instead of sex being a beautiful thing it appears that many humans just have to use it and abuse it until it becomes an ugly and useful tool. Sex can be an expression of love, but in this situation sex is being abused and no, you can't hold onto a guy by "putting out" when he's in and out of your life. There is no way you should be having sex with this twit! He is abusing your feelings and that of your girlfriends and you are letting him control and cheapen you. Basically, without actually realizing it you 3 involved are having a "3-way" and you or your girlfriend haven't clued into this yet. This guy is having his cake and eating it to, so the two of you girls are not the brightest bulb in the box. Fight back! Talk to your girlfriend and try to stop this. How can she want to see him when he's having sex with you?

Get some dignity girl and kick this useless piece of trash to the curb where it belongs. Dry those eyes, hold your head up with dignity, and get out there with other friends (that are more loyal than your best girlfriend) and soon you will meet a nice guy that you deserve and without all the garbage tied to his butt.

You are in control of your own destiny! Let no man (or person) use and abuse your feelings or your body and never let them come between those you love. You can replace boyfriends, but you can't replace a sister, friend (be it male or female.)

Good luck honMarcy


But ask yourself this: Are you that much in love with this guy that you are willing to play Second Best everytime he meets someone new that he wants to have a sexual escapade with? Because if you continue to see him that is the message that you are sending him that you think so little of yourself and soo much of him that his actions no matter how disgusting and humiliating are justified and that you don't care if he is ever really committed to you as long as he shows you some attention. Think about it. This guys inability to committ to you has nothing to do with your best friend Marcy even though It probably wouldn't hurt if in the future you were more careful in selecting friends but I guarantee you that if you take him back this guy will probably dump you everytime any girl comes along and smiles at him! If your that desperate for some affection that you are willing to put up with his wayward course with other girls that is up to you but think about this in the end its you who will end up hurt and he will probably have moved on to his next quest...WAKE UP

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Q: If you were with your ex for 4 months and just broke up two weeks ago but are still having a sexual relationship can you still get him back even though he is going out with your best friend?
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I personally think that your friend has some issues that she needs to deal with before she gets in to a relationship. It is probably best if you take a step back from a sexual relationship with them and be there for them as a friend. When they are ready for a relationship you will then be there for them and have built up a certain level of trust that a relationship would need.

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