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NO, that is not but if you copy the poem word for word or even take a verse of that poem that would be plagiarism. However, you should be careful about using long or very well known titles.

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Q: If you write a poem entitled yourself and their is another poem entitled yourself is that plagiarism?
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What is it when you get something from another site and write it in the essay?


Is it plagiarism if you write a poem on another story?

No. If you take all the words from a story and write a poem from it, that is plagiarism. However, you should be careful when copying other author's work.

Are there any essays that wont show up on plagiarism websites?

Yes, the one(s) you write yourself.

FREE PREDATor and prey paragraph?

This is called plagiarism. It is illegal in most countries. Please write the paragraph yourself.

What type of plagiarism is when you write your name on a paper that someone else did?

It is plagiarism, according to this wikipedia definition I plagiarized off of the internet. Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as "the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author's language.

When was the plagiarism law invented?

Fairly soon after humans began to write, plagiarism could be identified.

Can you write yourself a check sign it and cash it at another bank where you have another account?


Is it plagiarism to read several articles and then write a paper with out citing the source?

If you took any information from the materials read, and used it; it is plagiarism.

How do you find a paper on the topic 'My hobby is doing cosmetology'?

You write it yourself! Copying someone else's work is plagiarism, and it is illegal. It is also not going to have anything about your hobby - it will be about somebody else's hobby.

If you see a video on YouTube and want to write a book about it is that plagiarism?

Depends what you mean. If you see a video and you want to write about how and why the video was created, and/or about the people in the video then no, it's not plagiarism. If you see a video and then write a book which describes in text the storyline in the video, then yes, that's plagiarism. And might also be considered breach of copyright, which is a criminal offence.

Can you write a poem using the lyrics from a song you herd?

No, that would be plagiarism.

What are some ways you cannot be accused for plagiarism?

Write your own work.