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We have a 97 Nissan Sentra GXE that would not start for no apparent reason. We were told that if the oil was too low it had a built in safety that would make it not start or that it had lost compression.

WARNING THIS ADVICE IS HORRIBLE, IT WAS GOOD FOR NON-COMPUTER CONTROLLED VEHICLES 70's INTO THE 80's, IF YOU FOLLOW THIS ANSWER DON'T BE SURPRISED IF YOU FRY YOUR ECM! If you want to check to see that your battery is good and you can't get the car started, you jump the car and get it running...while it's running you disconnect the POSITIVE wire off the battery (only the red one because neg. is your ground), if your car dies out it could be your alternater that is draining your battery charge.

It more than likely is a sticking starter. My 97 Sentra did the same thing last week. It ran fine and never gave me any problems whatsoever, then all of a sudden.....nothing. I had the battery tested and it tested out fine. I then gave the starter a good couple of taps and it started up. Needless to say, I replaced the starter and have had no other problems since.

The starter circuit in any car generally consists of the battery, the solenoid , the starter and the connecting wiring. Controlling the solenoid, which in turn controls the starter, is the key switch and associated wiring. First, using a voltmeter while cranking the engine, check the battery voltage on the battery terminals, then check the voltage on the battery connectors, then between ground and both sides of the solenoid (large) terminals, then at the starter terminal itself. Where you find a large drop in voltage is where the trouble is. If you try to crank the engine and you get little or no voltage beyond the solenoid, then it's time to check out the key circuit or the solenoid itself. As to a sticking starter, if you hear the starter spinning but hear no engine cranking, then the starter gear is not moving out to engage the flywheel and replacing the starter would be an option unless you are a do it yourselfer.

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How do you reset the battery warning light on a 1999 Ranger?

The battery warning light illuminates when the battery isn't being charged , get it checked out to find the problem and then repair.

Why does the battery charging light don't go off after starting the engine of my 1983 Toyota Corolla?

Have the charging system checked. The light comes on when there is a charging system problem. it may be a battery, alternator or a battery problem.

What does it mean when the brake light and the battery light come on at the same time in a 1990 Toyota corolla?

Usually this means there is a problem with the charging system. Stop and have the battery alternator checked. Makes sense if you think about it... Usually this means there is a problem with the charging system. Stop and have the battery & alternator checked. Makes sense if you think about it...

Why would the battery light on a 1997 mystique blink when it has anew battery and the altarnator is gving off 12 volts steadly?

This light is warning you that there may be a problem with your battery. Have it checked.

What does the dashboard light with a battery mean in a 1991 Toyota Previa?

It means you are having a problem with the charging system. Have the alternator and battery checked. Good Luck!!!

If the alternator and the battery are both new why isn't the alternator charging the battery. The fuses were checked and the connections to the battery are good. What is the problem?

just bcuz you brought it new doesn't mean it can not be defective take it back to the seller and have it checked this problem happens very often because alternators are not new anymore they are remain parts

Can i have a bad battery if i get a jump and it don't stay started?

yes your battery may be duff, however it would be worth getting your charge rate checked by a garage as the problem can also mean an alternator problem

Battery light on on 2003 Ford Expedition?

Your battery is not being charged because of a problem with the charging system Whether its a problem with the alternator / voltage regulator , the serpentine belt etc . you should have the charging system checked

Why is my battery light on?

Indicates a problem with the electrical system. Normally the problem is that the alternator has failed. Have your system checked at almost any auto parts store.Indicates a problem with the electrical system. Normally the problem is that the alternator has failed. Have your system checked at almost any auto parts store.

The battery light comes on when the car starts 1990 Toyota Celica If the battery is left connected it will be discharged in a few days What can be the problem?

If the battery light is on, it usually means that the alternator has a problem. Have the alternator checked at a local auto parts retailer. If one or more of the diodes are bad, your battery charge will be affected.

What does it mean when the battery light in your 2000 Chevy Malibu keeps turning on and off?

Usually, either a bad (temperature sensitive due to bad diodes) alternator or corrosion where the positive cable attaches to the battery. Failing that, it means something else. Get it checked or you're going to have a problem.

What is the problem when the red battery light on your 2002 Ford Fiesta is lit but the car will start?

The red battery light indicates that the battery is not rceiving sufficient charge. Look for a loose belt or loose/dirty battery cable connection, or have the alternator and/or battery checked.

Why will engine light stay lite when car drives fine on a 1996 plymoth neon?

It is telling you that even though the car seems to be operating fine, something is not working properly and is about to fail. If I were you I would start with having the battery and battery connections checked out first. If you ignore it you can probably expect the failure to occur when you least want or need the problem. It really is best to get it checked out soon.

I recently installed a new stereo system into my car now my car sounds like my battery is weak is it my battery that I have to change or my alternator?

Check the battery with a vom meter while the engine is running. It should read about 14.5 volts and if so the alternator is working, than have the battery checked Now if the meter does not read 14.5 volts, have the battery, and the alternator checked. If they both check out okay, the problem is in the battery or the alternator circuit on the vehicle.

What can cause vibrations on a truck at high speeds?

I had a similar problem once and it had something to do with my brakes, I'd get them checked if i were you

Battery is not taking a charge fully when i start it. I checked my alternator is good my battery is good. What could it be?

the problem im having is i have 1998 caravan and i just got a new battery and oil pan gasket fixed now problem is evertime i apply brakes the van dies .

1993 Lexus gs300 keeps killing batteries and dies the alternator checked out and is fine?

Check battery connecters to see if they are tiightly connected. I had that some problem and it was the old battery connecters that where loose. I brought some new connecters and had the mechanic put them on. never had a battery problem even sense.

Would a weak battery be the cause of a hesitation when turning on ignition?

Could be. But it might be an alternator problem instead of a batery problem. You need a good alternator to keep the bttery recharged. I wouldn't run out and buy a battery without getting the alternator checked.

Why is your battery light on and Battery meter pegged high on the instrument panel in your 2002 F150 pickup Alternator If so how do you change it out?

I had this problem. The alternator was fine, it was the battery that was bad. The alternator was "pegging" out the indicator bc it was trying to charge the battery, but it wasnt taking charge. Take the battery out and have it checked.

What does it mean when the Service Engine Soon light comes on along with the battery light?

It is possible that your alternator might be going out. It also could be a problem with your battery. You should have it checked by a professional or you could be stranded .

What could be the problem if your 1995 Lincoln Continental doesn't start?

Most starting problems are checked by starting with ethier fuel, spark, or battery.

What is wrong when Lincoln don't want to stay charging?

The problem most likely is the fuse to that circuit, the battery, the aternator, or the wiring. Have each checked.

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