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I can answer this question! I moved out when I was 17 years old even though I shouldn't have. What are your legal responsibilities? Well, legally you are still her gaurdian. You can call the police if you want her to come back. If that's what you want anyway. If you don't want any responsibility for her, you can tell her to go get emancipated. If she wants to be on her own, let her see what the real world is like. I think she would snap her happy legs right back home. If she were to get emancipated, you would have no legal rights. She would be a legal adult and have to take care of herself. All you would have to do is sign the paper. Personally, I wouldn't let her go out on her own. That's your daughter. She needs a path to follow and her mother to pave that path. She doesn't know what shes getting herself into.

AnswerGreat advice (above)! You are still legally responsible for your child even though she is living somewhere else unless she has been emancipated (and I believe that you must agree to the emanciaption or at least be involved in the emancipation process.)You can call the police and have her forcefully returned home athough I wouldn't recommend that course of action. Many children move in with friends at this age because they rebel against 'house rules'. You can let your daughter know that she is welcome to come home, but that you will expect her to follow your rules and that it is her choice from there. You don't say if she moved in with a friend who is living on her own or who is still living at home with her parents(s). You also don't say what the circumstances are, but I would strongly recommend keeping communications open with your daughter even though I know that can be extemely difficut and requires a lot of 'tongue - biting'! Seventeen is a difficult and stressful age for everyone - teenagers and parents - and I know because I'm going through it now for the third time! My thoughts,prayers and best wishes go out to you and your daughter!

I don't agree with the above answer. First of all, the police (here in California) wont do a thing for 24 hours. Asking your kids to stick to the rules is an ongoing process......they only sware to do it in order to come back home. It usually only lasts until the next time they want to do something outside of the rules.

I say get them where it counts. Call the school and let them know whats going on. Make sure it is documented that they left the home. Emancipation is a process that takes time, they would probably be eighteen by the time this takes place.

If they have a cell phone, have it shut off. Refuse to allow them to take the items with you that you purchased.

My son is always moving out as soon as he wants to break rules. I have been nothing but fair to him, driving him to and from work everyday, allowing his friends to stay in my home, listening to his sarcasm, and I am done.

He is seventeen and tonight, he can no longer live under my roof. I struggle to have the size home we live in, so that he can have his own room.

I am putting in my notice, moving to a smaller place, I have told his friends to get their things out by tomorrow, and my son can start the walk of being a "grown man" as he likes to put it.

Also, no drivers license until he can do that on his own.

Good luck with your daughter, but I say put the hammer down.

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Q: If your 17-year-old high school daughter moved in with a friend what are your legal responsibilities and options?
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