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If you were keeping her there against her will or lying to the police if they ask you if she is with you.

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Which state allows 14 year old to get merried with parents consent?

The state if Alabama does.

In the state of Alabama how old do you have to be to get married legally with out parents consent?


What age can you married in Alabama without parents consent?

In the state of Alabama you can get married when you are 18 without parental consent.

Which state has the minium seashore?

That would be Mississippi or Alabama... I am thinking it is Alabama. I thought I was right but it is New Hampshire.... MS is close the the shortest.

Only state with official state nut?

Oregon is usually thought to be the only state with an official state nut (the hazelnut), but Alabama also has one.

How old in the state of Alabama do you have to be to get your eyebrow pierced with parents consent?

You shouldn't do it in the first place!

What state is Alabama in?

Alabama IS a state.

In the state of Alabama if you are 18 and still in high school can you move out of your parents home?

Not legally. The age of majority for the state is 19.

Can an 18 year old move out of his parents home without their consent in the state of Alabama?


Can an 18 year old move out of his parents home in Alabama to another state?

Yes you are an adult.

Can a 17 yr old legally move out in the state of Alabama?

Not in Alabama, until you are an adult, the parents are responsible for you. That would be 18 and until then they determine where you live.

In what state is Alabama state university in?

... Alabama 

Is Alabama a state or city?

alabama is a state

Are the parents of a 17 year old responsible if they move out?

It verys from state to state in the US but in Alabama the parent can not force them to move back in.

What were the names of Lonnie Johnson's Parents?

Lonnie Johnson is an inventor from Mobile, Alabama. He was raised by both of his parents, however, his biography does not state their names.

What age in the state of Alabama are parents no longer responsible for their children?

In Alabama, parents are responsible for their children's care and actions up to the age of 18. This also includes any property damage a minor child causes.

How old do you have to be to move out of the state of Alabama legally?

You have to reach the age of majority. In Alabama, that means you have to be at least 19 years of age. Until then, your parents are responsible for you financially.

Is Alabama acuity or state?

Alabama is a state, not a city.

Abbreviation for the state of Alabama?

The abbreviation for the state of Alabama is AL.

What are the state flowers in Alabama?

The Alabama state flower is the Camellia.

Which state is a southern state Ohio Colorado or Alabama?


Which state would be considered a southern state Ohio Colorado Alabama or Pennsylvania?

Alabama is a soouthern state.Only Alabama.

What is the name of Alabama?

The name of the state of Alabama is Alabama. The capitol of this state is Montgomery and this state is located in the southeastern part of the U.S.

What is the state flower and bird of Alabama?

The camellia is the official state flower in Alabama. The yellowhammer is the official state bird in Alabama.

Can you get in trouble if you are sixteen and your girlfriend is fourteen in the state of Alabama if you are just dating?

no You are ok dating as long as there is no sexual relationship taking place.