If your 18 can you get a passport?

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Without parental consent, yes. You can actually get a passport long before you turn 18, but it will require your parents to process it for you. Once you're 18, you can do it entirely on your own.
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How do you get a passport?

You can get forms for applying for a passport at Post Offices. Somemunicipalities or businesses provide assistance, usually for a fee.

Where do you get a passport?

You can apply online, by mail, through a private expediter, regional passport agency or passport acceptance facility.

Where do you get a passport from?

From a passport office or embasy in your country. Answer . The post office. Online Site . See at left for their website

What is a passport?

Taken from Wikipedia . A passport is a travel document issued by a national government that usually identifies the bearer as a national of the issuing state and requests that the bearer be permitted to enter and pass through other countries.\n. \nPassports are connected with the right of legal p ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a passport?

Each country has its own procedures for a citizen to obtain a passport. They all require completion of forms and submission of photographs and other documents as proof of citizenship. In the United States this can be done at Passport Offices operated by the US Department of State, at many (but not ( Full Answer )

What is a passport for?

Anyone who plans to travel outside of U.S. needs a passport fortravel. The traveler will need the passport to enter anothercountry, and return to the U.S. Source: I am a passport and visa specialist with VisaPassport Pro - the leader in US Passport Expediting.

How to get a passport?

If you are looking on how to get an American Passport, it is fairly easy when you have all the requirements needed to do so. With a checklist, you must assess the needed documents for the application. Start off with completing the DS-11 passport form. You can get copies of this online or personally ( Full Answer )

What is on a passport?

A passport holds the personal information of the holder including the citizenship, name, birthday, signature, recent photo and the issuing date and expiry plus the appropriate logo and security features of a passport.

How do you get passports?

You go through the application process. Fill up completely the needed passport application Form Gather other supporting documents such as birth records, citizenship documents, identification cards and documents Secure a passport Photo Visit the passport acceptance facility Pay the necessary fees

When can you get a passport?

Usually infants can already have passports especially if they are to be brought with the family during travel internationally.

Can you get a passport?

New Identity Package (Documents) starting from a clean new GenuineBirth Certificate, ID card, Drivers License, forging documents,Novelty Drivers License, Genuine Passports, Novelty Passport,Social security card with SSN, credit files, and credit cards,school diplomas, school degrees and Bank Stateme ( Full Answer )

Why do you have passports?

People have passports so as to have the proper identification and travel document for their various trips abroad or to another place that is in need of a passport in order to enter. They simply are proof of your identification and nationality,.

Where do you get passports?

You can apply by Mail, Online, through a Regional passport agency or passport acceptance facility, your country's embassy or consulate, or through a professional passport expediter.

Where can you get passports?

You could apply for them in Post Office. But it varies throughcountries. Following website has list of countries under them areprocedures which can help you out. Website : www.wikiprocedure.com

Where you do you get your passport?

In order to get a passport, you need to fill out the necessary forms, gather the documents needed to prove your identity, proof of citizenship, passport photo and other important documents. Then you need to visit and set an appointment at a regional passport agency or passport acceptance facility. A ( Full Answer )

Were do you get a passport?

you can get many different passports but...first you need to have permission because passports are Sirius if you lose it and you are at the airport to travel.where you can get a passport is at the post office and there are a few post offices and if you live in a tiny own you might not be able to get ( Full Answer )

How do a get a passport?

You would have to apply through post office in US. But it differesbetween countries. Following website has list of countries andunder them are procedures which can help you out. Website : www.wikiprocedure.com

What do you have to do to get a passport?

You should first think about what type of passport. Will it be the traditional passport or the passport card. Then you should have and prepare the necessary documents proving your citizenship and your identity. Then you should secure and fill up necessary passport application form. You can download ( Full Answer )

Where will you get a passport?

You can get passport forms in several places. The post office has them, some libraries, your city government will have them, and online. It will run about 75.00 plus you will need two passport photos to include ( you need to go to a place that takes passport photos not home pics) and it will take ab ( Full Answer )

Is a passport card the same as a passport?

It is a type of passport basically. Like a normal passport, you can use it for travel. However, traveling by air is not permitted when you only have a passport card. This is preferred if you are travelling by land and sea.

Is a passport to get in or out?

It is needed for entry, nothing more. Airports are designed so that international travelers passing into admission are checked and their passports registered.

How can you get a passport?

You pick up an application ( the post office has them), fill it out, get a passport photo done, pay the fee ( I think it is about 75.00 now), file it, and in 3 to 6 months you will get your passport. It is good for 10 years.

When and how and where to get a passport?

WHEN This will depend on you and your need to have the passport. Both minors and adults need passport for travel especially if its abroad and it may also serve as a form of valid identification for you. HOW and WHERE There are several ways. You can apply By mail, send all your documents for proces ( Full Answer )

Do you need a new passport when you turn 18?

if your child passport expires nov 2012 but you turned 18 do you need a new passport or is the the child one good until it expires Usually Yes if the person is in possession of a Minor's passport.Since he/she is no longer a Minor, then you need to get a new FirstAdult passport.

Do you need permission or a note from your parents to go to Canada even though you have a passport and your under the age of 18?

Yes you do. upon entering the country, they will ask for some type of proof that you are actually visiting family or friends(such as a letter or invitation). coming back to the USA, they will not let you pass security if you dont have a note stating that your parents know that where you are and when ( Full Answer )

What to do to get a passport?

You need to secure all your documents that will support your identification and citizenship. The whole processing and other specific documents will depend on what country you are from.

Im 18 want to get your ears pierced but have no ID except for an old passport p.s. do not have my license yet i have a permit though?

Generally what is needed is some form of government issued I.D. in your case your passport should work just fine, along with some secondary I.D. This will be a judgment call on the part of the studio providing the service to you. So the best bet is to phone the local shops and ask what they will acc ( Full Answer )

Is Pakistani passport an International passport?

Yes, Pakistani passport is issued by the government of Pakistan to Pakistani citizens for international traveling purposes. Each passport holder is responsible to obtain further documentations (e.g. visa) for the country of destination.

How can you get your passport?

You can obtain your passport if you bring all the necessary forms and papers for the processing. The requirements listed below pertain to adult passports. There are special requirements for obtaining a passport for a minor. . Completed, unsigned passport application Form DS-11 . Submit proof of ( Full Answer )

Who can get a passport?

To get a passport of any specific country, you need to be a citizen of that country first. In case a foreign national wants to get a passport of a different country, then he/she should first become a citizen. Only then will they be able to apply for a passport.

How do you get the passport?

Obtaining your passport should be easy as getting it personally after the processing. you can apply online, by mail or through a passport service provider.

How can you get the passport?

You can get a US Passport if you are able to accomplish all the needed forms and if you meet and have the following requirements: You can obtain a us passport if any of the following apply: You are applying for your first U.S. passport or You are under age 16 or Your previous U.S. passport was i ( Full Answer )

Where is the passport issue place on passport?

Usuall in most cases, the place of issue is indicated on the first pages on the passport where the identification of the holder is also stated as well as the photo.

What are passports?

To quote the United States Department of State, "It is a document issued by a country to a citizen of that country, allowing that person to travel abroad and re-enter the home country."

How do you get passport no?

By first, applying for your passport. Then you will receive your passport number and simply keep it.

Where is the passport number in an American passport?

In an American Passport. You can see the passport number inside the passport book. Should you get it lost, you need a notarized request for your passport record in order to retrieve such.

Who to get a passport?

children, even infants, and adults who wish to travel especially abroad are in need of a passport and should apply one.

What does a passport have on it?

The usual information on your Passport is your identification and citizenship. and your recent photo. The available pages of the passport will need to be stamped from when you exit and enter different countries that you wish to travel.

How to get a passports?

Get a passport photo, and complete an application at the post office, and pay them about 75 or so dollars, and then wait for weeks.

Where do you get the passport?

You can get a passport at the post office a regional passport agency or a passport expeditor.