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Hi, I had this problem once and I found that I had a cracked flywheel. ! Ron

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Q: If your 1991 Firebird is making an odd ticking noise sounds like an engine with no oil that begins only after the car is warmed up but goes away when you shift into OD could it be the transmission?
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What brand of automatic transmission is in a 1995 3.4 L Firebird?

It's the 4L60-E electronically controlled transmission. The engine PCM controls engine and transmission

What is the mpg on a 1980 Pontiac Firebird?

Depends on what engine (V6? V8?), transmission, gearing, etc...

Where is the IAT sensor in a 1995 V6 3.4lt firebird?

You can find the 1995 Pontiac Firebird 3.4 liter engine IAT sensor on the back of your engine. The IAT sensor will be a few inches above the transmission.

What would cause an 1989 Firebird 305 TBI engine to make a ticking sound after going through some water?

The cool water hitting your piping hot exhaust makes the metal contract (Shrink) and it makes a ticking noise.

1995 Pontiac firebird 3.4 liter v6 that seems to have timing issues between the engine and transmission any thoughts?

it is a manual transmission

How many miles per gallon does my 1989 Pontiac firebird get?

Depends on which engine/transmission it has installed which you failed to list.

Where is the starter located on a 97 Pontiac Firebird?

passengers side of the engine towards the the bottom it mounts to the transmission bellhousing

Does no transmission fluid make your car make a ticking noise?

No that's usually no engine oil but having no trans oil will decrease your power

What size engine is in a 5.2 liter 1995 firebird?

There was no 5.2 liter engine in a 1995 Firebird

Why does your 2006 Kia Optima make a ticking noise?

Well if its sort of like a scratchy noise coming from the engine you might want to get your transmission checked out

What engines are compatible with a 91 firebird?

Any size SBC engine will fit and is compatible with a 91 Firebird. A 350 engine is the most common that is used for installing in a 91 Firebird.

Can you put a 2001 Pontiac Montana transmission into a 1996 Pontiac firebird?

NO! the Montana is a front wheel drive minivan and the firebird is a rear wheel drive, even if they were both rear wheel drive for some reason, the firebird engine would shred the wimpy minivan trans and it would be just wrong to put a minivan trans in a firebird.

How much horsepower is there stock in a 1991 Pontiac Firebird v8 305 engine?

either 170hp or 200-230hp depending on transmission and exuast choices.

Will a 350 Chevy motor bolt up too a 1979 Pontiac firebird transmission?

Some Pontiacs came from the factory with Chevy engines. If this is the case on your 79 firebird, then the transmission will bolt up to a 350 Chevy. If the car came with a Pontiac engine, then the bolt pattern is different and would not bolt up.

Why is a 99 Dodge stratus ticking after going through a puddle?

Where is th ticking coming from?? The engine, the tires, the trunk????

What causes engine ticking noise on a 2006 Toyota Avalon?

The fuel injectors make the ticking noise you hear at startup, especially when the engine is cold (colder temperatures).

Where is the starter located in a 1994 firebird?

The starter is located between the engine and transmission on the passenger side just above the exhuast pipe next to the oil pan.

Can a v8 5.7l 350 engine fit INTO A 1994 firebird?

Can a v.8 5.7l 350 engine fit into a 1994 Pontiac firebird?

Can you replace a firebird v6 engine with a firebird v8 engine?

Yes you can but you must first make a few modifications. You will have to make sure that you have the computer and wiring from the v8, motor mounts in some cases, might as well get the transmission. From there you will have different things going on for different years. You may not even have to do anything I said depending on what specific year the car and the engine are.

How much horsepower does a 78 Firebird have?

what engine?

What is causing a ticking noise in a 1988 Toyota Camry and what needs to be done to fix it?

Try to locate the ticking noise. Is it the engine? Is it ticking when you are driving? When you are sitting still? It could be as simple as a stone stuck in yoru tire, everytime it hits the road it ticks. it could be a lifter in the engine. Try to be more specific as to where and when the ticking happens.

Will a 350 Chevy bolt on to a 1978 firebird transmission?

only a Buick, olds or Pontiac engine will bolt to a Pontiac tranny as Chevy blocks have a different bolt pattern.

Why is your 2000 Chrysler minivan engine still ticking after the timing belt was changed?

ticking sound in engine is usually not caused by a timing belt ticking is usually caused by worn cam shaft or clifters most cars now have hydraulic lifters. if oil is low it will cause ticking. if a lifter is worn it will cause ticking these should have been ckecked for wear when replacing timing belt

The check engine light is on in your 1998 Ford Explorer there is a faint ticking and noise coming from the engine what is it The oil and transmission fluid was just changed before the light came on?

The check engine light is not related to the oil or the transmission fluid systems. It is related to fuel control, computer, emmissions control systems. The faint ticking you hear may just be the normal noise coming from the fuel injectors. All fuel injectors make some kind of ticking noise while they operate. I would say, if the check engine light has anything to do with the services performed, it would almost have to be a simple connector that may have been unplugged to move a wire out of the way, and then forgotten. Otherwise, I believe it would have to be a coincidence. Even if the ticking noise is a lifter in te engine, that still would not cause a check engine, and would not be the fault of someone changing the oil, as long as the oil is full.

Will a 1999 Firebird engine fit into a 1998 Firebird?

Yes it will fit, They are exactly the same body style