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The timing could be set a little high; however, I would try using a higher octane fuel before having the timing set.

If the timing is set right & the fuel octane is correct, you might have a bad EGR Valve or the hose going to the EGR Valve.If you Retard the Timing to much you will lose some Power. Sometimes the passage way under the EGR valve gets clogged up & will cause the same problem.

2015-07-16 19:21:54
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Q: If your 1999 Chevy Suburban 4x4 with about 120K miles pings when pulling a boat how do you fix it?
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Suburban 2000 has no power knocks and pings?

needs different octane fuel or ignition timing off

What should the timing be set at on 1986 Chevy 305 with edelbrock carburetor and intake with headers?

Try 12 degrees initial and see if it pings. If not, try a little more.

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On an older vehicle like this , would start at 10 degrees BTDC; vaccum line to distributor plugged while setting timing.If it pings, back it off 2 degrees, if it does not ping under load, add 2 degrees. According to the repair manual timing should be 8 BTDC (6 degrees BTDC for calif. emissions and high alt.)

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What sensor is above the starter that sits in the block on a 1993 silverado 350?

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Timing on 396 in 1969 Chevelle?

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How do you set timing on a small block Chevy with a performance cam?

Start at 6 degrees advance, (BTDC) and go up from there until the motor pings, under load. Then back off a couple of degrees. That is called power timing it. You will probably end upabout 10 degrees, advanced. If it cranks over hard, when hot, back it off a couple of degrees.

My 350 Chevy engine pings when you give it a lot of throttle. what is the correct way to adjust engine timing?

That depends on the year of the vehicle. The newer 350's have a "knock sensor" that's supposed to sense fuel pre-ignition and briefly retard the timing during periods of heavy acceleration. If THAT'S what's wrong, just replace the knock sensor.

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