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If your 5ft 6in and you weight 145 is that overweight?

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No 145pounds is an ok weight for your height ...however it is at the top of the range of weights for this height so if you feel you want to you would be ok to lose a few pounds...but this weight is totally fine for your height so dont stress:) as long as you lead a healthy lifestyle what does a few extra pounds matter :) x

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How many cm for 5ft 6in?

5ft 6in = 167.64 cm

What the average weight for a 5ft 6in 12 year old?

120 pounds

If a girl is 14 nearly 15 years old who is 5ft 6in and weighs 138.6 lbs is she over weight?

Your BMI is 22.4 , at the 76th percentile for girls your age. This is a healthy weight but can be considered at risk of becoming overweight.

Female 5ft 6in- age 57 what is the ideal weight for her?

195lbs. is the max.

What is the average weight for a 14 year old who is 5ft. 6in.?

8stone &half

What is the average weight of a 54 year old female at 5ft 6in?

A fat one, or skinny?

What is the ideal weight for a male 30 years old 5ft 6in tall?

65 + kgs

How much inches is 5ft 6in?

5ft= 60 in. + 6 in.= 66 in.

What is the percentage increase between 5ft 1in to 5ft 6in?

8.2% increase.

How many centimeters are there in 5ft 6 inches?

5ft 6in = 167.64 cm

How tall is Belinda Carlisle?

5ft 6in

How tall is Bianca Jagger?

5ft 6in

How tall is lita?

5ft 6in (1.68m)

What is 66inches i feet and inches?

5ft. 6in.

How tall was Dinah Shore?

5ft 6in.

What is 5ft 6in in cm?

165 cm

How tall is messi leonel?

5ft 6in

How tall is Bryan Herman?

5ft 6in

How tall would you be if your parents are 5ft 9in and 5ft 6in?

5 ft 10

Will you loss a lot of weight if you eat about 300ish calories a day and lose about 500 calories a day if your weight is 196 and height 5ft 6in?


I am 13 and 2 months I weigh 10.5 stone am I fat I am also 5ft 6in?

No.That's a healthy weight for your height.

If an 18 year old who is 5ft. 6in. and weighs 141 lbs is she over weight?

No ur fine

How tall was the adult male in 1930?

5ft 6in

How high can a average person jump?

5ft 6in

How tall is Rachele Brooke Smith?

5ft 6in

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