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Sounds like the splines and or the "C" ring is damaged. Under normal circumstances the axle should snap into place firmly. Remove the axle and examine it. With a little luck only the axle is damaged and you can replace the axle with a rebuilt one.

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Q: If your 91 Ford Escort Lx on the passenger side the CV joint still needs to go in about a half an inch and all the tranny fluid comes out there when the car is on a hill what do you do?
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Where do you add tranny fluid in 96 avenger?

You put it in the same place that the dipstick comes out of. Passenger side back near the firewall I believe.

My 1986 ford escort diesel is leaking transaxle fluid from passenger side is this just a seal it looks like the axle is not seated properly on the tranny?

Almost always leaks because the bearing is going.

What hoses are on a 1998 ford escort ZX2 radiator?

im not experience but i own one and on the radiator passenger side is two transmission coolant lines that tranny fluid runs thru the radiator and the others i believe are coolant lines

How do you add transmission fluid to a 1999 ford escort z2x?

through the tranny dipstick tube under the hood, with a funnel.

Is the transmission on a 1998 ford escort sealed?

There are a number of seals in it. However if you mean can fluid be changed and added YES. You have to drop the tranny pan on automatics to drain them, and there should be a fill and a drain plug in a manual tranny.

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir in a 1993 ford escort?

The reservoir should be next to the wash fluid tank. This would be on the passenger side close to the firewall.

What kind of tranny fluid does a manual transmission in a Honda prelude take?

manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob

How much does it Cost to repair a 1998 ford escort transmission?

My Ford 1998 Escort started slipping. It also leaks and I put tranny fluid in. If I need to replace or rebuild the transmission. How much should a total repair be?

Can tranny fluid be used for brake fluid?


Where is Transmission Fluid reservoir on a 2000 VW Golf?

On a standard tranny there is no reservoir. On an automatic tranny it is internal to the tranny. The fluid resides in the transmission pan.

Why wont your 2000 Chevy venture go when in drive?

tranny could be gone.or you may need tranny fluid or you have too much tranny fluid.

Where is the transmission drain plug on your 1998 ford escort zx2?

It is directly under the tranny. you might have to jack it up to get to it but realistically you can reach with without a jack, it's just a bit of a pain. i think its around a 16-18 mm bolt? as soon as you open it the tranny fluid comes out fast so make sure you have something to catch it in.

What is wrong if 1998 ford explorer will start but won't move when shifted into any gears?

First, check the tranny fluid when the SUV is off and cold. Then check the tranny fluid after the SUV is warmed and idling. The level of tranny fluid level should go down, if it doesn't the tranny itself is not taking up any. Replacing the tranny fluid filter may solve your problem. If not its most likely the tranny oil pump. This is if your fluid level stays the same when warm or, cold. If the tranny fluid changes from cold to warm, your tranny has a more serious problem and should be looked at by a pro.

What fluid does the 1996 escort use?

the transmission fluid for a 1996 ford escort is type MA.

How do you check tranny fluid in a 1991 rodeo?

spy glass on side of tranny. it is of course a sealed tranny.

How to know if transmission fluid is low on alero car automatic 2000 model?

if you can get the car on a lift there will be a bleeder screw on the side of tranny..take out the screw if fluid comes out then u dont need any fluid but..... if nothing comes out leave the screw off and put fluid till it comes out from the bleeder and ur full.

When filling the transmition on a 99 if it is a stick shift does it have to be in gear when you fill up the tranny you did not have it in gear and when you poured in the tranny fluid it was pouring ou?

manual tranny's take gear oil not tranny fluid. you need to get all that fluid out and fill the tranny with 80/90 weight gear oil

Where does the clutch fluid for 1995 ford escort wagon?

On a 1995 Ford Escort : The brake fluid reservoir is also the clutch fluid reservoir

Where do you check transmission level on a manual 5 speed ford explorer sport trac truck?

A manual tranny does not take tranny fluid. So you can't check it. A manual tranny does not take tranny fluid. So you can't check it.

What type of transmission fluid does a 2004 Nissan Maxima use?

NISSAN MATIC-K AUTO TRANNY FLUID, (i work for a tranny shop)

How do you drain and fill the clutch fluid on a 98 Saturn SC2?

There is a bolt under neath the tranny. take it out and drain the fluid. ATF fluid 2.6 quarts is the capacity of the tranny

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1978 Pontiac trans am?

if it is a manual transmission. U will need to run a hose down to the drain on the passenger side of the tranny, and fill it from the hose. Once it is full it will slowing drip out of the opening on the tranny. It is best to have two people do it.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1994 Ford Aerostar mini-van?

you should have 2 dipsticks. 1 for oil and 1 for tranny fluid. the tranny fluid dipstick is going to be the one in the back of the engine compartment. if you have to add some. use "dot 3 tranny fluid" and a funnel. check the fluid level with a warmed up tranny and while the eng in idling to get a proper level reading

What does it mean when you have bubbles in your tranny fluid?

Usually the fluid level is too high and the fluid has aerated.

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir on 95 ford escort and are there any pictures?

On a ( 1996 ) Ford Escort the brake fluid reservoir is also the clutch fluid reservoir