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You can connect the 5.1 speaker system to the dell laptop as long as the cable is not an optical or digital cable. Some cables double analog or digital. These you can use. You should be able to plug them in if the connector fits. You may not have sound out of all of your speakers but you can still try. If the plug will fit then nothing can be hurt. If it does not work you might try getting an external usb sound card(e.g. soundblaster mp3) I hope that answers your question.

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Q: If your Dell laptop has a headphones jack but no line-out jack can you still connect a 5.1 surround sound speaker system to it?
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If it only has one subwoofer output, purchase a RCA splitter to allow you to connect 2 subwoofers.

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How do you connect speakers that have an RCA cable coming out of them taken from a PC surround sound system to a surround sound receiver its a kenwood receiver with copper cable outlets?

If the speakers are not powered (they don't plug into the wall), you can cut off the RCA plug, strip back the wires to a negative and positive lead, and connect them to the speaker posts of the receiver.

How do you get just front and surround speakers to play on a Denon avr-1508?

There are no surround modes that quickly turn off the subwoofer, center channel and surround back speakers, but leave the surround speakers (side) speakers on. You will need to go into the System Setup -> Sp 2. In 3.0p -> Speaker Setup menu to select Center Speaker 'None', Surround Speaker ('Large' or 'Small'), Surround Back Speaker 'None' and Subwoofer 'No'. If you have a subwoofer and want sound to come out of the all of the speakers when you are listening to a non-surround source such as a CD, use the 5CH/7CH Stereo DSP simulation.

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