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The person cannot be forced to return to the United States. Such an issue is a civil matter and the U.S. government does not have legal jurisdiction to have a person extradited under the cited circumstances.

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Q: If your US citizen husband leaves the country before the property settlement how can you force him to come to US and settle this so you can divorce him afterward if he took the money with him?
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How will property be split in Mexico if your spouse is a citizen of Mexico and you are a US citizen and the property is in both of your names?

it would go to the legal resident of the host country

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citizen-means that you are loyal to your country and that you were probably born in that countrycitizen is when you are from another countryIf you are born in America, you are a citizen of America. If you're born in Japan, you're a citizen of Japan. Get it?

A US citizen marries an Australian then divorces years later. can she claim a settlement if he inherits money in Australia and moves back Australia.?

No. She inherited it after the divorce and not even in the same country. Not likely to get much in the way of a settlement.

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If a US citizen gives birth in a foreign country, the child IS a US citizen. In many countries (depending on where you are), the child would have dual citizenship.

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That depends on the laws in any particular jurisdiction. Some allow private property ownership and some do not. Regardless of a belief in some inherent rights, in reality a citizen is subject to the laws of their particular country.

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if you are talking about a fashion model then you can be a citizen of any country or no country it doesnt matter

Is it legal to be deported from a country where you are married to a citizen of said country?

It is until you have registered as a married citizen in America.

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A US citizen cannot also be a citizen of another country.

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you cannot go to every country of Europe without any visa and permit even if you are a citizen of UK. Also,you cannot do business and buy any property in the whole Europe without visa and permission.

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You can become a good citizen of your country by starting it at home. Your home/family is your first training ground to be one of the good citizen.

Why can a non citizen of the United State own United States real-estate property?

The ability and right to own property, even if you were not a citizen, goes back to the founding principles of this country when it was an English colony. Property rights were very important to the founders of the United States and have remained strong at the federal, state, and local levels of government. Citizens of the United States are able to purchase property in many foreign countries.

Can a us citizen go to a foreign country and marry a citizen in that country and bring them back to the us?

yes of course you can.