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Not necessarily. Abusive men/women are either playing mind games or they are interested in someone else for the moment. If this person won't leave you alone then report them for harrassment. If the police want you to press charges then do so. If the abuse is very rough I suggest you seek help through the Abused Women's Center in your area and they will not only help you, but protect you against this person. This includes any children you may have. You are control of yourself and you don't have to put up with this. Take control!

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How do you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You have to want to get out of the abusive situation.

Is your boyfriend abusive?

Many BFs, or boyfriends, are not abusive. If a boyfriend is abusive, the girl should leave the relationship and file charges. Do not keep going back to an abuser.

Why cant my boyfriend leave me alone?

If you want your boyfriend to leave you alone, you will need to tell him how you feel. He will not leave you alone until he knows that you want him too.

How do you get rid of your wives ex boyfriend?

If he come to the house you are living in and is abusive then you can ask him to leave. If he refuses to leave then call Local Police and explain why you are calling. The Police should then come to the house and talk with both you and the ex-boyfriend. Police will then decide if ex-boyfriend should be arrested or not.

How do you move beyond being upset that your abusive boyfriend will cheat if you leave him?

If you leave him, then it doesn't matter what he does. It wouldn't be called cheating if you left him. If he is abusive, then you should leave him.

How do you seduce a Japanese girl with a boyfriend?

If she has a boyfriend, leave her alone.

What happen when your boyfriend is abusive and you want to leave?

If he is really abusive go to the police! You should go to counseling or something.

Should you leave your boyfriend if he is abusive and doesn't allow you to leave the house but you still love him?

Abusive relationships are never a good thing. Cut your losses before it becomes worse.

How can you get your abusive boyfriend to leave?

-Pray about it. -Call the police. -Get counseling on how to get him to leave. -Don't be afraid of him but don't be risky by standing up to him. -

What if your abusive boyfriend also abuses your friends?

an abusive boyfriend is the worst thing that can happen to a lady. if u have an abusive boyfriend the it's best u terminate the relationship. as long as ur not married the he doesn't own u. and if u stick with him and he continues abusing ur friends then they will leave u.

What should you do if you tell a boyfriend to stop calling and leave you alone for awhile and he refuses?

If you've firmly asked him to leave you alone and he refuses, you can visit your local police department to have a restraining order issued. Depending on the scenario, this will prevent him from calling you or coming within "X-many" feet of you. That generally does the trick. His failure to comply with this order could result in his immediate arrest.

Why can't you leave an emotionally abusive and controlling boyfriend even though you despise him and everything about him and you are not scared of him?

As personal experience on this one, I could not leave mine because i felt like i had to take care of him. I was afraid if i left him he would be all alone and would have no one to look after him. Not to mention i hated being alone myself.

How do you text justinbieber?

how do u get ur ex boyfriend to leave you alone???

How do you lose my ex boyfriend?

tell him to leave you alone and tell a parent

What should one do if her boyfriend is disturbed and wants to be alone?

It is best to leave your boyfriend alone and he might come back to you. It is codependence when one or both people can't be alone. It is best to be interdependent.

If a boyfriend is extremely controlling and jealous will he become abusive if he says if it was anyone else that said or did what you did he would smack them?

leave, get out, leave right now, its the end of you and him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do when your boyfriend is emotionally abusive yet shows love for you like caring for your welfare?

Don't be an idiot. Leave. Now.

What is legal age to leave kids at home alone in Alaska?

There is no legal age. You can leave them home alone at any age. Its your choice. But if they were to get into any trouble like calling prank calling 911 or lighting the house on fire your responsible

What do you do if your boyfriend won't leave you alone?

Change your phone number and move away.

Should you leave your boyfriend if you are not happy anymore but are still in love with him?

Well, it depends why you are not happy. If he is abusive then yes, you should leave him but if it's a couple of fights that can be resolved then no.

Your ex boyfriend won't leave?

If you mean why wont your ex boyfriend leave your life alone the he might be jealous of you talking to other men or he might still want to be with you

The dad left you pregnant and alone?

You will need to clarify your question. The pregnant mother may have become so abusive that he had to leave.

What do you get your ex boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Nothing. Leave him alone. He doesn't like you anymore.

A gilr like my boyfriend and wont leave him alone?

Consult your boyfriend he might tell her to stop,other wise talk to her your self.

How do you get your ex-boyfriend to leave you alone?

Talk to him nicely about it and if he don't leave you threaten him by pretending to get the cops involved or get a restraining order :)