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If she is your best friend yeah. Why don't you ask why u weren't invited?

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โˆ™ 2008-08-18 12:21:34
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Q: If your best friend has a birthday party and doesn't ask you to come you you still ask her to come to your birthday party?
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If you dont go to your friend birthday party will she be your friend still?

Yes. If shes a true friend she will understand.

I have a friend who is throwing a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend But she doesnt know that before he asked me out before her I think he still likes me Should I go what should i get him?

if ur friend likes him, then let ur friend have him, chances are that will hurt ur friend if she likes him, and i wouldn't risk a friendship over a guy.

What can I do for a surprise birthday party?

the first thing is to make sure the person you are throwing a party for doesnt suspect anything! then party decorations, and after food and all of that if it is still within your budget by party poppers and make sure they explode just as the birthday person enters

Can you have a sweet 16th if you've been kissed?

yes you can have a sweet 16 party even if you have been kissed just because youve had alittle lip action doesnt mean you cant have a 16th birthday party. i know some people that have actually had kids and still had their 16th birthday party...

Does Justice still do birthday parties?

No, unfortunatley they discontinued the birthday party option.

Your son was invited to a birthday party got sick the day of the party should you still give the birthday child his gift?

Yes, you should still give the child his gift.

Why does an ex still want to see you?

prob cuz he/she still likes you as friend and doesnt want to lose your friendship

What does it mean if the guy you want to be friends with doesnt want to be friends with you but still treats you like a friend?

It means yall are friends. It also means he's wack for being a stupid a** that doesnt want you as a friend but still does friend stuff and you're wack for wanting to be friends with someone who doesnt want to be friends with you. so maybe its a perfect friendship.

Can we still have birthday parties at justice just for girls?

No, unfortunatley they discontinued the birthday party option in 2009

If you are 18 do you have to get a drivers permit?

You do not have to, but its recommended. I have a family friend who is 21 and still doesnt have a permit or license

What do you do if your girlfriend had gone out with one of your friends?

that happens a lot. if your friend doesnt still like her and she doesnt still like him, its probably okay. if there's no hard feelings, then i dont see why you cant go out!!! -erin:)

What does it mean when your former best friend invites you to her birthday party?

Perhaps your best friend is not aware that things have changed in your friendship. You might not be best friends, but still are friends enough for an invitation. Buy a small gift and go. Answer this friend probably thinks you have good taste so he/she wants your gift. or he/she wants to be your friend again.

Does England still have royalty?

yeah, my dad is good friends with the queen, he was at her birthday party.

How do you know if your guy friend still likes you?

if he still wants to hang out with you Eg: the park, the movies, a party, anywhere.

How to stop your best friend loving you?

All you gota do is tell him off. And if he still doesnt get the message write him a note

Why did you start celebrating martin Luther king birthday?

Because he was old but he still enjoyed a party

What if your having a Halloween and your best friend is having a birthday Halloween themed party just so you won't have one should I still have a party?

Well you could always have the party next year. Or find out which friends she invited and if she invited all of your friends then i would cancel the party, but if only one or two of your friends are going to her party then yes i would have a party and calmly explain to her why you cant come to her party. I hoped this helped!

Your 'friend' stole your DS a year ago and ever since you have been trying to get it back can you still get it back or is it too late?

if they still have it you can probably get it back, but if they dont then your out of luck there. but if this 'friend' doesnt like you very much, then they might not give it back.

Friend and she moved we still have contact but she joins a gang and i don't like it but shes my best friend what do i tell her?

Just come out and say that you dont want to have a friend in a gang, and if she gets mad at you and doesnt respect what you want then shes not a real friend.

If you are invited to an adults birthday party but can't attend should you still send a gift?

depends how close they are to you. if theyre just an old work friend then maybe not or maybe a less exspensive gift but if theyre close friends then be kind.

How do you make a kids birthday great?

Make it special for them. Be in the moment for and make it โ€œtheirโ€moment.

What if a guy says that he hates you in front of his friend but when were alone his honest?

why would you still be with him? and maybe he doesnt want to admit he likes you in front of his friends??

What if a guy liked you and told your friend he used to like you but doesn't does he still like you?

if he said he LIKED YOU maybe he doesnt anymore or he wants to know if your into him.

Have sales of party supplies decreased in the recession?

Yes but the basics like plates and ribbons are still pretty good as kids still need birthday parties.

What should you do if you dont have a birthday party on your 13th birthday?

i think you should ask your parents. if they say no just say on that day see if you can have Friend's over if they still say no then i am sure you are smart enough to finger something out for your birthday. your birthday is special sooooo yeah. if its your birthday happy birthday!!!!