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Love can span time and thousands of miles or in different lands if it's true love. You should sit and talk and see if it's possible if you could go with him (that is if you want too.) If it isn't possible you both need to know where you stand with each other. If he can't understand that it's possible for you, him or each of you (taking turns) to visit each other then it was never true love at all. Something happens to humans when they suddenly are faced with something they can't have. In this case it's the fact your boyfriend is leaving and you don't know what to do about it and I assume there is no discussion about you going with him or perhaps you can't go with him. Love for many centuries has prevailed no matter how many miles were between two lovers and that was before telephones, telegrams, emails and yes, even letters. We have so much technology at our finger tips now that there is no reason (with the exception of war) that you can't talk to your boyfriend 2 - 3 times a week. I think each of you is afraid that loyalty to each other will be tested to the limits and that either you, your boyfriend or both of you may fail this test. Well, it's possible, but if you give it your best shot and it's true love then there is no reason both of you can't be together eventually. The strength comes within the both of you. Do you both have what it takes? Good luck Marcy

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Q: If your boyfriend is moving overseas without you but you still love each other and want a future how do you let go?
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