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Yes, he could. I just found out I was cheated on for the last three months. If he talks about her a lot or tells you he is going out with a friend, then he could be cheating. It may even be likely. ==Maybe not, but . . . == . . . it hardly matters. He wasn't honest about not being able to have lunch with you. He didn't tell you WHY he couldn't have lunch with you, right? He made up some BS story, right? So, even if he isn't having sex with her, there is a serious level of betrayal here.

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Q: If your boyfriend said he could not have lunch with you but was having lunch with the woman with whom he cheated last year could he be cheating on you again with her?
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What if my boyfriend cheated on me?

If your boyfriend has cheated on you you'd probably want to break up with him. And if you're not over him in two months, ask him out again.

If your boyfriend cheated on you is there a chance that he will do it again?

It is more likely than not.

Should you give up on your relationship if you talked to an ex behind your boyfriend's back and he considered this cheating and you are having major issues because you don't feel that you cheated?

If you just happened to bump into your ex at a party or on the street and said hello then no, this is not cheating and your boyfriend lacks confidence. If you went out of your way to contact your ex then it's wrong! It is a form of cheating if you try contacting your ex. "EX" means it's over, so if you have hopes of flirting with disaster you could lose your boyfriend. Again, if you accidentally bumped into your ex then this is not cheating and tell your boyfriend to grow up!

Is john cena's wife cheating on him?

She has already cheated on him once. There are a few rumors going around that she cheated on him again. But there is no proof that this is true.

My boyfriend cheated on he's ex when he was with her they broke up because she cheated on him with a younger man He nearly cheated on me once will he do it to me again?

Your boyfriend is ego maniacal and selfish! He cheated on his ex and she hit the bottom of the barrel along with him by cheating on him. This is not a way to resolve such problems. Your boyfriend has had things his way far too long and you have the power to control this situation. Talk to your boyfriend and communicate to him that you will not put up with cheating like his ex had to put up with it and if he continues you will end the relationship. If you don't ask for respect or show you are your own woman then you can't expect others to respect you. He isn't the only fish in the sea. You deserve better!

Why is your boyfriend cheating?

What it boils down to is he is not ready for a commitment. What results is, if he cheated once, he has crossed a line he can never uncross and he will cross that line again. What you have to ask yourself is, "Do I want to live that life?"

What if you fink you boyfriend is cheating on you again?

If he isn't hanging out with you a lot.

What if your boyfriend is cheating what do you do?

dump him cause if he does it once he is most likely to do it again.......

When your boyfriend is cheating how can you get it out of him?

This may sound harsh but if your boyfriend is cheating on you and you have evidence than you don't need to get it out of him. Just dump him! Do you really want to go out with him when he has cheated on you? If he has done it once he is going to do it over and over again. You can do better than him! Don't let him walk all over you. I hope my advice has helped. Take care.

Should you still be your ex-boyfriend's friend if he cheated on you?

Of course not! If he can cheat once, he can always cheat again and again

IfWhat to do when your boyfriend admits to cheating?

Find a new boyfriend. If he did it once and you forgive him. He'll do it again and expect the same.

How do you approach your boyfriend when you know he cheated on you.?

Honesty is always the best policy. When you are alone and you know you have proof he was cheating and not secondhand gossip, tell him you know he's cheated and then it's up to you whether you want to continue on with the relationship. Think very hard about staying with your boyfriend because he may just cheat again and even if he doesn't he has broken that bond of trust you had for him.

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