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Try charging the battery first. if it wount chage it needa replaced. There are a lot of good batteries on the market and the difference in the price is the length of the warranty. Don't get one that is too small as it will fail soomer. GoodluckJoe

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Q: If your car does not start could it be more than just the battery that needs to be replaced?
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Why won't a car start if the starter and battery has been replaced?

Maybe the car needs gas.

I replaced my battery and now my jeep won't start?

if its a modern jeep it probably needs to have its immobilizer reset after changing the battery ask a main dealer

Why is it my battery will barely turn the motor over and when it does start you have to pump the gas pedal to keep it running?

The battery is weak and needs replaced. when the battery is weak the computer can forget how to idle.

Your 1998 Bonneville will not start have replaced the battery the starter was replaced last year do you have any ideal what it may be?


If a car battery needs to jump start after not using it for a while does it mean the battery is not good any more and needs to be replaced because the power in it was leaking?

Not necessarily. Any battery, even a good one, will slowly loose it's charge. Could be that something drained the battery. Clean the battery case and the posts. Slow charge the battery until it is full and then use it. You will soon know if it is good or not.

Your 1967 firebird wont start you just replaced a bad battery before you did so you could start it right up with jumping it now with a new battery it wont start it tries though?

There could be a bad sylanoid or a bad starter...

What if your 86 bronco ll will not start evn though you have replaced the battery and ignition coil?

it could be the control module

What could prevent your keyless entry system from letting you start your vehicle?

One reason could be - It needs a new battery.

What should you do if you have to jump start your car each morning?

This may be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. However, there may be other causes as well.

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo wont turnover all power goes off when the switch is turned forward to start car?

Needs a battery, most likely. Have the alternator checked after replacing the battery. Additional Info: It could also be a loose battery connection - check the battery cable clamps. Also, if the battery needs to be replaced, lock and unlock your doors with the key as the alarm system activates itself when a battery is removed, disconnected or replaced. Cycling the door lock cylinders resets the alarm.

Your starter keeps shorting out no wires are touching and kills the battery when trying to start What could be the reason for the starter shorting or grounding out?

If you have just replaced this starter then you probably have it hooked up incorrectly. If it is still the same old starter, then it has shorted out inside and needs to be replaced.

How do you reset the computer in a 1988 Ford bronco 2 has new battery and still no power?

the bronco needs to have the ground wire connected from the battery to the body. if you replaced the battery and disconnected that ground it simply won't start.

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