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If your car door handle will not open or unlock from the outside how do you fix it?


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2015-07-15 19:36:26
2015-07-15 19:36:26

remove enter door panel. check the latch rod from handle to keeper spring latch (lock). either bent or detached. end.


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To unlock the rear door ???just push the unlock button on the drivers side door on the in side and it will unlock all doors and the rear door also. then Just pill on the outside rear door handle and it will open., push the button 2 times to unlock all doors.

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2005 ford escape door handle inside and outside the suv will not open the door

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Sounds stupid , but push door closed from outside , then operate rear lock from inside to LOCK door then pull to unlock , I have had this problem when people have pulled outside handle as central locking is still bimbling along . Result one door that does not open using either handle nor does it lock / unlock with key / alarm / central lcoking system :)

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The rod on the door handle has an adjustment. Remove the door handle and adjust the rod so it pushes the locking device further.

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