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If it is a pin hole try using Bars Leak. If it is larger try using JB Weld to seal it. If you use jb weld, be sure the surface is clean and dry and give it plenty of time to cure.

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Q: If your car has a hole in the radiator close to the top of it but it is not leaking is this bad?
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What are the signs of a bad radiator?

A bad radiator is a radiator that is leaking or clogged. If you are loosing coolant then you have a leak that should be easy to find if the leak is at the radiator. If it is clogged your engine will overheat.

Why does my Chevy truck overheat and there's no sighn of water?

assuming you have no water in the radiator. there can be several causes for this. one is the radiator has a hole, the water pump bushing is bad and leaking, you have a cracked block or head, or you have a blown or rusted through freeze plug, or your heater core could be leaking as well. or a hose has a hole in it. fill it up and see if you can find any leaks. if there is water in the radiator. it can be a bad thermostat, bad water pump, cracked head or blown head gasket.

Why coolant keeps leaking from the overflow?

You may have a bad radiator cap.

Why is coolant leaking under your car?

There are a lot of reasons why your cars is leaking coolant , some can be a bad water pump, a bad upper radiator hose or a lower or it can be a bad radiator it self , is can be bad head gasket,or your radiator is not holding Enough PSI the normal range is 8-14. so i hoped i help the best i could.

Why do i have antifreeze leake in my cadilliac engine 1999?

Several possibilities: 1. Radiator is leaking. 2. Coolant hose is leaking. 3. Hose clamp is loose. 3. Seal on water pump is leaking. 4. Overflow container is leaking. 5. Radiator clamp is loose or bad. Two highest possibilities: Radiator or hose is leaking.

What are different causes of car overheating?

Bad radiator fan motor; bad radiator fan relay; clogged radiator; thermostat stuck closed; loose belt; bad water pump; hoses leaking;

Why is Yamaha banshee overheating and leaking fluid from overflow?

bad radiator cap

Where could my 1994 Ford Areostar be Leaking antifreeze from?

could be a cracked radiator, bad radiator cap, a busted radiator or heater hose, bad heater core, or a busted fill box!

Why is your radiator losing coolant in your 1989 Mercury Sable?

either your radiator is leaking,head gaskit is leaking if it's your head gaskit leaking you will have water in your oil or water coming out your exhaust pipe,or you might have a freeze plug going bad.

Is it bad that the radiator's exhaust pipe has a hole?

Radiators do not have exhaust.

Why would a 1997 Jeep Cherokee be leaking antifreeze?

A couple of reasons, faulty waterpump, leaky radiator, bad hose, bad radiator cap, thermostat housing.

Why your car is leaking antifreeze from the driver side it look that is leaking under the hose that runs from the radiator to the engine but it is not the hose would your engine be crack?

if it leaks on left side of engine at hose,could be a bad water pump! on 3.1 engine. if pump is bad it will leak out of releif hole on bottom of pump!

Your 1997 ford is over heating it is leaking from the radiator cap on the resavor what could be causing this problem i have tried everything?

From easiest to hardest: Does radiator have enough coolant? Is the fan working? Could be a bad thermostat. Water pump (there is a small hole in the bottom of the water pump. If there is water dripping out of the "weep" hole, then the water pump is bad). Could be a blown head gasket. (Is there any water in the oil or does the coolant in the radiator have a fuel smell?

What causes a bmw325i 1988 to overheat?

It could be a number of things, a clogged radiator,bad thermostat,low coolant, hoses leaking coolant, radiator fan not working,or a leaking head gasket. Hope this helps you.

What is the likely cause of coolant leaking after shutdown on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

A bad or incorrect radiator cap.

Antifreeze leaking from a small rubber hose from the side of engine?

bad hose like a pin hole or bad clamp

What is wrong if have to keep refilling coolant 1999 subaru legacy?

bad hose, radiator leak, leaking into engine.

If your radiator if full and then 5 min later empty is the water pump bad?

When the water pump goes bad it can leak coolant. Coolant loss can also be caused by bad hoses, a bad radiator, or a hole in a freeze plug.

How can you tell if your water pump bad?

besides making a sqeeling noise , or leaking from the weep hole , you can wait until the thermostat is open ( top radiator hose will be HOT ) and squeeze the top radiator hose , when you stop squeezing the hose if there is no surge of coolant flowing through the hose then your water pump is not actually circulating your coolant and has a bad impeller inside the water pump

How do you know when the water pump is bad?

Noisy, leaking from the weep hole on the bottom of the pump, or engine overheating.

Why is your Mazda 93 rx7 leaking coolant from the overflow?

Bad head gasket? Bad thermostat? Defective radiator cap?

What are the signs of a bad expansion plug?

Water leaking at the plug, radiator fluid level going down too fast.

On an Oldsmobile Silhouette van leaking antifreeze and its not from the radiator resevouror hoses where else could it be leaking from?

Intake manifold gasket leak....big problem with that engine. Sorry for the bad news.

Why does your Yamaha yz400f leak radiator fluid out of the weep hole?

water pump seal bad

Why would my car lose antifreeze?

There are several reason why a car might lose antifreeze. The water pump might be bad, one of the radiator hoses could be leaking, the radiator could have a leak, a freeze plug could be leaking, or it could have a blown head gasket.

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