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First, turn on the headlights. Now, have someone watch them as you try to start the car; do they get dim? If so, the battery is in need of a charge; If not, you need to check your connections at the starter. You may have a bad starter, starter solenoid, or connection.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 20:20:08
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Q: If your car won't start how can you tell if it is your battery or starter that is bad?
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If the Starter is good battery good car still wont start?

mabe the starter solenoid

Why wont a 1972 VW start with the starter but will when you pop the clutch?

Starter is defective, or battery is weak.

Chrysler minivan 1998 wont start and its not the battery?

If you mean that the battery is OK but the starter does not turn replace the starter, they are known to have weak starter solenoids,inside the starter.

Why wont my 92 Chevy lumina 3.1 start?

Try getting a jump start. Could be a bad battery. If your battery is good, then you will need to get a new starter. It may be the Starter or the battery make be dead,

1970 Chevrolet truck wont start replaced the starter?

Dead battery? Loose or dirty battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Neutral switch?

Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?

try testing the starter

Your Saturn wont start and its not the starter alternator or battery?

maybe ignitoin or ignition switch

Why wont my car start when i have replaced the starter and the battery on a 1996 Monte Carlo 3.1L?

what does it do

Car wont start but starter clicks?

The battery could be (almost) dead, or a battery cable could be lose. I would start by verying these. Also could be: Seized engine Bad starter Bad starter solenoid

Your 1993 Chevrolet truck wont start with starter but will push start what might be the problem?

The starter or battery could be weak. The weakness will cause the starter to turn too slowly to start the truck.

Why wont my 2000 cougar start has new battery new starter but acts like battery dead?

check the cables

Why wont 2002 Lincoln continetal start it has new battery and starter and solenoid?

Neutral switch?

Why wont your 91 firebird v6 start or crank?

Battery, starter & wiring are the places to check

92 integra wont start clicked once unhooked battery and did it again?

check the starter

What does it mean when your car wont start and makes a buzzing noise?

Bad battery, or starter problem.

96 kia fails to start good battery good starter good fuses wont turn over or engage starter?

try the starter relay.

Car wont start makes a clicking sound?

Low/dead battery, loose/dirty battery connections, bad starter,

1997 dodge caravan wont start or turn over power works it ran fine for about 45min then turned it off now wont start.?

Engine seized? Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid?

What makes a car make a clickig noise but wont start?

A low or dead battery. Loose or dirty battery cable connections. Faulty starter. Faulty starter solenoid.

1995 buick lesabre making a clicking noise but wont start?

Check battery, cables and starter.

Why Ignition clicks but wont start?

Could be,low battery, loose or dirty battery connections, starter is bad, starter solenoid is bad, neutral safety switch bad or out of adjustment, starter relay is bad,

Your 1967 firebird wont start you just replaced a bad battery before you did so you could start it right up with jumping it now with a new battery it wont start it tries though?

There could be a bad sylanoid or a bad starter...

Your grand am clicks but wont start?

Check your battery connections. If they're tight and no corrosion is present, then your battery may be dead. Recharge or jump start the battery. Still clicking? Replace the starter.

87 Benz 190e 2.3 won't start is it the starter or alternator?

A car not starting could be a lot of things. If the battery is charged and it wont start than look towards the start circuit. - If your battery is dead and that's why it wont start than look at the battery or the charge circuit. Hope this helps.

What if your 1979 ford 250 wont start and only clicks?

starter, starter relay, battery, high resistance in batter/starter cabels just a few things that will cause this.