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no, producing breastmilk, or breastfeeding will not alter the outcome of a home pregnancy test.


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Q: If your child is two years old and you still have breast milk is it possible that would make a home pregnancy test come out positive?
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How does a mother transmit HIV to her child?

yes it is possible,and this is much likely to occur during pregnancy,labor,and as well as through breast feeding.

Does pregnancy increase the risk of breast cancer?

Women who have given birth and breast fed their child, have a lower incidence of breast cancer.

Is it possible for an ab positive child to have an o positive father?


Is it possible for a child hair strand test to test positive?

You have not said positive to what. If you mean drugs then yes, if the child has taken drugs, been breast fed by someone on drugs or been exposed to secondary drug smoke etc.

Is it possible for two O-positive people to have a A-positive child?

No. The child must be type O.

Can a child have breast cancer?

It's unusual, but technically possible.

Is it possible for a child to b positive and a father to be o positive?


Did Kari Byron have breast implants?

No. She did, however, have a child, and her breasts enlarged as a result of her pregnancy.

Can parents both blood type A positive have a child A positive blood type?

In that given scenario, the possible blood types of the child are: A-, A+, O+ and O-.So Yes, it is possible to have a child with A positive with 25%.

What problems might occur if a mother is rhesus-negative and the father is rhesus-positive?

It is possible for there to be problems with a pregnancy. If mother's blood type is negative and the father's is positive, and the baby is positive, her blood type may begin to attack the child. Make sure she checks with her doctor regularly during a pregnancy.

How can you get a breast feeding sensation?

Normally only experienced during pregnancy or directly after the birth of a child.

What are the possible blood types for a child with a mother who is O positive and a father who is B positive?

B positive

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