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If you get your American citizenship revoked, A.K.A expatriated, it is impossible to get it back.

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Q: If your citizenship was revoked because of criminal records would you still be able to get your citizenship back and how?
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Can U.S. citizenship be revoked if one was granted citizenship under false pretenses?


Can an American retain their citizenship if they apply for Canadian citizenship?

YES. It cannot be revoked, unless you revoke it outside the US.

Can citizenship be revoked for a drug conviction?

NO. Revocation of Citizenship is a very big issue and Citizenship is not revoked for drug conviction. If drugs were involoved when application for Citizenship occured then it makes it somewhat possible since application can be construed as false. e-mail me at if you have follow-up questions. Of course it will......

Green card can you apply for us citizenship if you have a felony conviction?

You can file the application, and it may or may not be granted based on the circumstances. BUT, be truthful - because if citizenship were to be granted and the felony conviction was found later, your US citizenship could be revoked.

Can you get your citizenship taken away if you married someone for papers only?

Yes, if you have obtained your citizenship under false pretences, it can be revoked.

How can you lose your citizenship in the US?

If you apply for citizenship in another country your US citizenship is automatically revoked. The US does not recognize dual citizenship. You revoke it in writing at a US embassy, outside the US.

Why should a citizenship be revoked if a citizen doesn't vote?

It isn't. Voting is an option.

Can citizenship be revoked for unilateral marriage fraud?

yes and ya can go to jail for marriage fraud

If soviet union revoked your citizenship because you are Jewish and you never became an American citizen how can you apply for a travel visa to Mexico without any country citizenship?

If you hold a green card and are in the US, you should apply for a travel document. Contact the INS so that they can assist you to apply for US citizenship.

How can citizenship be revoked?

Answer Inalienable rightsI believe the supreme court of the US has ruled that citizenship is inherent and can never be revoked. Once born with it you have it till death do you part and even afterward for estate purposes..(not true) IF YOU ARE CONVICTED OF TREASON then your citizenship natural born or otherwise can be revoked by the US can also have your citizenship revoked by Swearing an oath to a foreign nation,serving in a foreign military that is at war with the US. Being naturalised as a citizen in another nation. The USCIS has the legal power to arbitrarily denaturalize and deport the person within two years of their being granted citizenship if the persons is found guilty of violating US law.If the violation is found after two years have passed since citizenship was granted, the government is required to file suit in federal court to have the person denaturalized and deported from the US.

Can one lose their 'natural-born citizenship'?

No, once you have been born into a country you remain a citizen of that country even if you immigrate. Certain rights of a US citizen can be suspended or revoked if that person has been convicted of a criminal felony.

What are three reasons someone cannot become a Canadian citizen?

Under ordinary circumstances, a person cannot become a Canadian citizen if they have previously violated the Citizenship Act, if they are under a deportation order already, or if they have had their citizenship revoked. Other than these, one may not legally apply for citizenship if one is:currently imprisoned, on parole, or on probation for a criminal offenseunder indictment for a criminal offenseconvicted, under investigation, or under indictment as a war criminalOther than these exclusions, anyone can become a Canadian citizen. To do so, you have to do the following:Determine if you are eligible to become a citizen.Apply for citizenship.Verify the status of your application and prepare for the citizenship test. Use the citizenship study guide entitled Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship to prepare for your testTake the citizenship test, if you are between the ages of 18 and 54.Attend a citizenship ceremony, if you are 14 or older.*You can click on the links below, which will take you to the websites discussing the process of becoming a Canadian citizen.

What happens to your license if you are found guilty of department records show racing on the highway?


Which newspaper reported that Cowell revoked an offer to JLS were to be signed to Epic Records?

The Sun

You were born in Canada you took out US citizenship in 1972 at the age of 17 Does Canada still recognize you as a Canadian Citizen?

yes The only way you can lose your Canadian citizenship is if it is revoked because it was obtain fraudulently, or if you renounce it formally in front of witnesses at a Canadian government office such as an embassy.

Is a convicted immigrant eligible to remain in the US?

No. Illegal immigrants are subject to deportation with or without a criminal conviction. Permanent resident status and naturalized citizenship can be revoked if the circumstances warrant and the convicted person can be deported to his or her country of origin and permanently banned for applying for reentry into the US.

Can citizenship be revoked if the person was having an affair during the process?

Possibly. But you must prove beyond a doubt that the cheater married for the sole purpose of gaining citizenship. Call INS for advice on how to proceed.

How long can you keep dual citizenship?

Generally, as long as you want. Some counties (UK for example) allow citizenship to be revoked by the government unilaterally (i.e. they think you're a terrorist, and you have citizenship in another country. Cannot lose U.S. citizenship unless you revoke it, in person, outside the U.S. at an embassy.

What can happen if you make a fraudulent driver's license applications?

Your license will be revoked. Also, you will have committed a criminal offense.

What if you were born in Canada but want to get a citizenship for the us without giving up your citizenship for Canada having duel citizenships for both countries is this possible?

Fulfilling the requirements for U.S. citizenship does NOT cancel your Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizenship is permanent, and (unless obtained by fraud) cannot be revoked by the Canadian Government for ANY reason unless you renounce it yourself. Also, the U.S. does not require Canadians to renounce their citizenship when becoming U.S. Citizens.

How do you gain Oman citizenship?

unless you or your parents are omani/born in oman you will almost certainly not get citizenship. even if you have omani blood you are not guaranteed citizenship. woman can marry omani man and become citizen but it can be revoked on death of husband or divorce. man canot get citizenship by marriage. oman, like the other gulf states, dont want foreigners coming in and getting the benefits of citizenship which are very substantial.

How do you confirm that you have your US citizenship?

If you have a US passport, be doubly sure that you are a US citizen. If not, having an American birth certificate or Registration of Birth Abroad certificate means that you have US citizenship.Your citizenship won't be revoked in anyway unless you voluntarily renounce it and your renunciation is approved by the government or if you serve in the military of an enemy country.

How can US citizenship status be revoked?

By revoking your citizenship in front of a U.S. embassy official overseas. You will be required to show proof of having citizenship from another country. Please note that the IRS may continue to assess taxes for 10 years if its believed that the revocation was merely to prevent paying U.S. taxes

Can you have a license in Georgia if your NC drivers license is revoked?

No, because if your license is revoked then it's revoked! You can't get another license, while you still have a license that's revoked. They check those things. Added: Also, you must be a resident of the state that issues you your license.

Can the permanent resident card be revoked because of nullement of marriage based on fraud after 3.5y of marriage?

Yes a Peerminant card can be revoked.