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This could be signs of an infection or sign of early pregnancy

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Q: If your cycles are always regular what might cause a late period that has light bleeding but heavy cramping?
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Is it normal to have 2 menstrual cycles in 1 month?

You may be experiencing some non-menstrual bleeding, which can be normal. Especially if you are taking birth control and have missed a dose or two. Cycles are not always regular, and menstruation can occur every 3 to 8 weeks. If your bleeding continues for more than a week, it would be prudent to seek medical attention.

Do the populations of a predator and it's prey often follow regular cycles?

Yes it sometimes does follow the regular cycles

Is abdomen pain during 1st week of pregnancy common?

yes it is common its just the way that the body is changing after having menstrual cycles. as long as you do not have bleeding that is heavy or like really bad cramping that wants to make you push.

How to stop break through bleeding when not on any pill?

Get on a pill to regulate your cycles Get on a pill to regulate your cycles

You had your periods a week ago and right now you are experiencing the same periods infact you are even cramping What could this be?

Cycles can be disrupted by exercising, dieting , and stress. But if you are sexually active this cramping with out bleeding could be a urinary tract infection, see a doctor. If you are having heavy flow and cramping, it could be miscarriage. You will have a positive HPT for two weeks after miscarriage if you want to know for sure. Good luck Joymaker rn

Can NuvaRing cause cramping?

Some women complain of cramping in the first months of using NuvaRing. If your cramping lasts longer than three cycles or is troublesome, contact your health care provider for advice and a possible exam.

My last period was July 23 could i have been pregnant already?

if you have a regular cycle and this was a regular period same number of days and bleeding is the same as always. no u could have not gotten pregnant before July 23rd because if you were pregnant your period would not come on women with regular cycles typically ovulate 14 days before next cycle so this cuts ur period off.

When does a girls period become regular?

There is no specific age or time when a womans menstrual cycles will regulate, some womens cycles never regulate in fact. Even going through your teens and into your early twenties you will have phases of months or years with regular cycles then out of nowhere as your body changes your cycles can be thrown off. Things such as stress and ill-health can cause irregular cycles too. At very least you shouldn't expect regular cycles until adulthood, early to mid twenties.

I normally have very heavy periods but I've been cramping for 4 or 5 days with sore breasts even longer-only had light blood yesterday black this morning could I be pregnant or having a miscarriage?

This sounds like some of the early signs of pregnancy. Women may experience implantation bleeding and light "menstrual" cramps, as the uterus readies itself for the embryo. If your cycles are regular, use an online due date calculator to see how far along you may possibly be - such as at Then, you can determine if you're far enough along for a pregnancy test. If the cramping is severe and on "each side" of the womb, you may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. But if the cramping and bleeding subside, no worries. Just trust your gut, and try not to scare yourself. My first pregnancy had ligament cramping so severe that it would wake me out of my sleep in tears... but it always subsided. And 9 lbs 9 oz of healthy baby followed. So, hold on for a little while, and take a pregnancy test! And be sure to discuss any pains with your midwife, naturopathic doctore, etc.

Could a woman be pregnant if she had brownish light discharge and cramping five days before her period or could it be because she is getting in tune to other women's cycles around her?

Hello - It is unlikely this is caused by your own cycle getting in tune to other womens cycles around you. Brown blood is old blood and this can be caused by several things: * Vaginal infection. * Urinary Tract Infection. * Pregnancy. * Implantation Bleeding. * Hormonal Imbalance. * Approaching period. * Stopping birth control = break through bleeding.

Can you have more than one period a month on the pill?

Not necessarily, most likely this "second period" is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. Spotting/ Breakthrough bleeding is bleeding before or in between menstrual cycles.

Is 37 day cycle is a normal period or irregular?

Depends...per WebMD (, "The menstrual cycle is measured from the first day of menstrual bleeding, Day 1, up to Day 1 of your next menstrual bleeding. Although 28 days is often cited as the "regular" cycle length, only 15% of women actually have such a cycle." * A teen's cycles tend to be long (up to 45 days), growing shorter over several years. * Between ages 25 and 35, most women's cycles are regular, generally lasting 21 to 35 days. * Around ages 40 to 42, cycles tend to be the shortest and most regular. This is followed by 8 to 10 years of longer, less predictable cycles until menopause.

Been on birth control for a yearyour periods are always consident this month it didn't start right away it was very light no cramps is not normal you took a pregnancy test it was negative?

If you have normal cycles and typlical cycles involve heaving bleeding and cramps and then you experience light bleeding and no cramps. You have taken a pregnancy testbut the question I have is how soon after you this did you take the test? Pregnancy test can ofen be inacurate or unreliable. Based on your symptoms I would expect you arenot pregnant. It is not uncommon for women who have regular cycles to every now and then have a slight change in that cycle. Birth conrol plays a large roll in that. If you are experiencing any other symptom you should consult your doctor.

If your due date is December 2 2008 when did you conceive?

Assuming regular cycles, probably around March 16th, 2008. Assuming regular cycles, probably around March 16th, 2008.

Can a person get her mentrual circles while pregnant?

I assume that you mean menstrual cycles, and no a person cannot have menstrual cycles while pregnant. It is biologically impossible to ovulate and menstruate while pregnant, the body shuts down the menstrual cycles once you're pregnant. People can bleed while their pregnant for various reasons, for example hormonal imbalance or implantation bleeding, but not menstruate.

I am 3 days late I am very regular. I took a test yesterday at 2 days late but it was neg. I've had slight cramping and headaches. I never get headaches. Stress doesn't affect my cycles. Am I pregnant?

take a pregnancy test

Is female dog in heat with swollen vulva standing and tied with male but NO bleeding before or now could it be because the other girl is on heat and the male wanted her but couldn't have her?

There are such things as "silent heats." These heat cycles do not present with bleeding (or minimal bleeding that the owner may miss). this is why it is important to know the schedule of your dogs cycles and observe her behavior and males reactions to her

Is it considered spotting if youve had a regular cycles but the last one was super light only got any collection when on the toilet?

Hello - Spotting is considered as spots of blood in your underwear or when you wipe. Light bleeding is light bleeding that may or may not require a pad or streaks of blood when you wipe. This can be pregnancy related or caused by a hormonal imbalance.

Can a woman with regular menstrual cycles get pregnant at the age of forty nine?


I had a regular cycle before going on the pill will my cycle be regular after i stop the pill?

It may take a while but your body should go back to your regular cycles.

Why you do not have a regular menstrual cycle?

A regular cycle means menstruating regularly without mid-cycle spotting - remember that your cycle doesn't always have to be exactly the same length, when we talk of irregular cycles we're talking about weeks or months difference from one cycle to the next. If you're in your teens or going into menopause irregular cycles are normal, but otherwise you should see a doctor to investigate.

Heavy period then watery after come off?

Most menstrual cycles start off with what appears to be a lot of bleeding in the beginning. Towards the end there can be little to no bleeding with a watery discharge.

What are the side effects of getting your tubes tied and burned?

The side effects of female sterilization can include abnormal bleeding between menstrual cycles, missed menstrual cycles, and bladder infections.

Is ovulation always 14 days until the start of a new cycle?

To be honest, it really depends on the woman and her body at that particular time. Since girls' bodies are always changing it's hard to predict EXACTLY when ovulation will occur. 14 days is the average among those who have full and regular 28 day cycles, but some women don't have regular 28 day cycles so their ovulation will happen at different times. So, it really depends. . .

What can cause severe cramping during menstrual cycles?

Women with severe menstrual pain have higher levels of prostaglandin in their menstrual blood than women who do not have such pain.