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Yes, those very well could be symptoms of an infection, an allergy, or one of a number of different aliments, without seeing the animal for myself, I can not say for sure what it could be. Please get your companion to the vet ASAP.. Especially, if the symptoms have become presistent and/or severe..

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2006-04-06 16:49:00
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Q: If your dog has a white discharge coming from her left eye and she turns her head so you can rub her left ear as opposed to the top of her head could it be an ear infection in the left ear?
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I had a UTI a few months back and i got Medication it went away but now i have a goat cheese looking discharge and an occasional smell could it be a UTI again or a yeast infection or other?

It depends on where the discharge is coming from. If you are male and the discharge is coming from your penis I would venture to guess you have a UTI and quite probably a kidney infection. If you are female and the discharge is coming from your meatus (where urine comes out)...then again, I'd say chances are high that you have another UTI or probably a kidney infection. If the discharge is from your vagina then it most likely is yeast. Either way, you should see a doctor immediately.

What could brown vaginal discharge meen?


Why does girlfriends panties have some white or yellow discharge on them?

It is normal for a woman to have some yellow or white discharge. The amount of discharge is affected by the woman's cycle. Also, as a woman becomes aroused she will have a release of discharge as well. This is all perfectly healthy and normal as long as there is no foul smell coming from her vagina which could signal an infection.

What is the white liquid in womens vagina?

It could be discharge from a yeast infection.

What could be the reason for white discharge coming from your eye?

That would be caused by an infection. You need to see an eye doctor immediately! Some types of eye infection, like iritis can make you blind in a matter of a week or two.

Does yellow discharge mean you could be pregnant?

an increase in discharge could possibly be sign of pregnancy, however if it is a change in color from your normal there could also be a possible infection.

Early pregnancy vaginal yellow discharge?

Could it possibly be a yeast infection?

What does it mean if you have a pinkish vaginal discharge?

Could be implantation bleeding. or signs of an infection.

Could you be pregnant if you have yellowish discharge?

Yellowish discharge is a sign of infection or disease not pregnancy. You should probably see a doctor.

What is wrong if it hurts when you pee and discharge keeps coming out?

Could be a UTI, or Urinary Tract Infection. Don't mess around with it! Go to a doctor! If left untreated, it could make you sterile so you will not be able to have children.

When brown liquid leaves the vagina and have a smell?

Vaginal discharge is not usually brown. This could be from an infection in which dried blood from your period is coming out... I would get it checked out by a doctor since it is not supposed to be brown!!

What does it milky white watery discharge with an odor means?

You should see your doctor it could be a yeast infection. Its normal for women to have discharge it means you are ovulating. Note: If you have a yeast infection your discharge does not have an odor. Nor would there be an odor when ovulating. If there is an odor it could be bacterial vaginosis or an std

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