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You can't so all you can do is be there for your friend. It's normal and healthy to go through a grieving time of losing a loved one not only because of death, but the relationship is over. People seem to feel that one only grieves if a loved one has died, but we can grieve over lost love, the loss of a home to fire or flood, etc. You are a good friend and you are doing the best you can. Go out to a funny movie, try to have a few laughs, but if you can't get your friend laughing right away, don't worry. Just listen and be patient. It never lasts forever. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If your friend cannot get over her ex how do you help take her mind off him?
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You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind?

Yes you can

How do you make a girl get over her ex boyfriend?

Do something fun with her to get her mind off of him.

How can you help your friend to stop watching Dragon Ball Z?

Well you can't. I mean if your friend just loves dragonball z then there is nothing you can do about it. you cannot force someone to not like something because you don't like it. you have to let your friend get over it by themself and in time, they will. but until then, patience my friend.

How do I help my friend get over break up?

Comfort Her

How do you help your friend get over a guy who's really not worth it?

You tell her that he's not worth it and do things with her to keep her mind off things. Distract your friend. Spend time with them, go out and try new things. Have lots of fun and don't talk about him. It takes a while to get over someone, grief is sometimes necessary, but healthy distractions and new surroundings will help your friend find positive ways to spend their time and will help the recovery process.

What can you do to help your friend?

You can help your friend by first just loving on them, next you can go over the problem with them. If it a really serious issue you should bring it to someone who can help.

What is hand practice?

it is when you cannot control yourself and all over your mind is only sex.

How can i help a friend to get over her man?

All you can do is be there for her - she has to allow herself to move on.

How do you get over your ex girlfriend when your her best friend. I really like this girl HELP?

start thinking of her as a friend and not as a ex girlfriend. treat her as if she is your friend and try to get comfortable around her as a friend.

How do you help a friend get over a guy she keeps going to and cannot stay away from?

I am sorry to say there isn't much you can do about this situation. It isn't that unusual that some women prefer men (or women) that are wild, mysterious and your friend probably has it their mind they can change that person (the tamer.) Not true! You know it, but your friend is going to have to go through the painful process of learning this the hard way and hopefully learning a lot from the experience. Just be there to pick him/her up off the ground after they realize the person they are in love with wasn't the best choice. You're one great friend! Marcy

How can you help your friends with depression?

you know there are a lot of people in depression. the best answer to help you and your friends is to be with them you need to try to help them through it and talk to them about what they are going through. if this is a good friend and she or he is upset offer to mave them over to your house for the night do som fun things together to take the worry off their mind. if you have any feeling thet this friend may hurt themselves or others tell an adult who you can trust parent,teacher,friend,law official. best of luck...

Can your 17 year old friend that is married be able to get custody over you?

No judge in their right mind would grant it.

How do you help a friend get over a break up when she still has feelings for him?

Introduce them to your friends

What can you do to show your best friend you are sorry and help them forgive you quickly?

You cannot rush forgiveness. If you did something to hurt your friend deeply then it will take time for your friend to totally forgive and trust you again. The first step is to communicate to your friend that you are truly sorry and apologize and then work with better communication skills; learn your mistake well and don't do it again and eventually all will be forgiven by your friend and you start over.

How do you get a best friend on Animal Crossing City Folk?

If you mean a friend within the game, than you cannot really get a best friend. If you mean from another town, you can ask your friend for their friend code. You can be friends over wi-fi, which counts as having a best friend.

If you have this friend who was totally obsessed with this girl he had never met and she totally just crushed his heart on the phone How do you help him?

Just be his friend and he will get over it.

How do you deal with a friend who won't forgive?

If it is you that your friend cannot forgive, then give your friend space. Let a lot of time pass (weeks, or even months). If your friend still cannot forgive you then you need to face that and give up the friendship. Just deal with it; life will go on and maybe years from now you can re-connect. If you have a friend who cannot forgive someone else, just continue being friends and let your friend talk about it if necessary. You cannot make a person forgive someone. It happens over time, or it doesn't happen. You have to roll with it.

Does getting a new girl friend help with grief over a death of your mother?

Getting a girlfriend can help you, but time will be the best.

How to to help a friend get over form a bake up?

To bake poffins with a friend you have to both have diamond/pearl and you just link. The lady asks: Do you want to cook alone or with a friend. You say: with a friend, and your friends says: with a friend. :)

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MIND ------------ MATTER (SAID AS MIND OVER MATTER) means mind over matter!

If you kill uxie how do you catch them?

You cannot catch them. However, you can still receive one in a trade - through a friend or over the WFC

What does it mean when dream a love dies?

It means that your unconscious mind already knows that this relationship is over. The dream represents your mind's effort to help you to consciously accept that fact.

For the sake of me and my friend how do you smooth things over between two feuding moms?

Hi, If you don't mind me asking, what was the fued over? Then i can resolve it :) x

How do you help your friend get over a crush?

Getting over someone is not always easy, especially a crush. You should encourge your friend to let her/his feelings out as talking about it will help her/him to feel better about it. If your friend id not ready to talk about it, don't force him/her. You could also encourge your friend to distract herself/himself with things he/she enjoys doing. Things like reading, video games, sports or whatever his/her favourite thing to do is.

When was Mind Over Ship created?

Mind Over Ship was created in 2009.