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== == == == * If a woman knows how to handle guy friends then it's OK. However, you should always come first! If she is spending more time with them than you, you have every right to be ticked off. If she isn't spending enough time with you or has one of her male friends hanging around you both, or is out meeting them for drinks or coffee a little too often, then tell her "I don't share!" Tell her you have female friends too, but once you started to go with her you thought it best not to be too close to these female friends of yours. Let her know, that two can play the same game. She sure wouldn't like it if you were seeing your female friends. It appears your girlfriend is high maintenance and needs to be constantly reassured and admired. Tell her to grow up! * Give her some space, meet her "guy" friends. become friends with them. If you have proof of cheating, talk to her in a calm way, don't scream or yell, she'll respond to you better if you don't. . You'll just have two unhappy people worrying about the other. People need freedom to try new things, unless you ABSOLUTLY know she's cheating on you. == == * Personally I believe that you have every right to be bothered, you can't always help that feeling. However, if you stop trusting her, that can create more problems than just the one, thus resulting in the demise your relationship. It isn't fair to ask the one you really care for to give up her friends for you. If you think about it, her friends were probably there before you were. Whether they're girls or boys, if she says she loves them all the same then believe her, chances are she's being completely honest with you. If her friend likes her, she cant help that anymore than you can, but that doesn't mean she's to blame. Being friends with other guys doesn't mean that she cares less about you, nor does it necessarily put your relationship at risk, unless you push in that direction. Like the others have said, just give her the space she needs. Although you want to be sure she is keeping a fine balance between the two, that is how much time she spends with you and them. As long as she says she loves ONLY you, then you have nothing to worry about. It happened to me, my boyfriend almost made a mistake he couldn't fix when he asked me to put him in front of my best friend. Needless to say, he's learned to trust me more, simply due to the fact that I have never given him reason to believe otherwise.

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Q: If your girlfriend has a lot of male friends and one of them really likes her but she says they are just friends should that bother you?
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Should you dump your girlfriend after she cheated on you with one of her friends?

yes and no it matters if she really cute

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In my opinion you should just keep dating her and if this ends you should break up with her so that there isn't a reason for her to break up with u so u don't look bad and ignore or don't bother her friend.

What do you do if a best friend is ignoring you for his girlfriend?

you tell him and ask if your really best friends, because best friends should never ignore you

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Even though it feels like you should, dont bother, its pointless and causes embarassment when your older, but if you must there's not really any way to get a girlfriend, It'll just happen.

Where should you meet up with your friends and girlfriend?

movies, mall, someones house, party. anywhere really.

You moved away from your BFF for 6 years and then met up again in middle school you really like her and can really connect with her but your old friends think shes a slutty bitch HELP?

In my opinion you should first see why your friends think she is a bitch. See if the reasons they have really bother you. If they do not bother you that much, go ahead and be with the girl. At the end of the day true friends will understand you.

If you like a guy that used to date one of your friends what do you do?

The heart wants what it wants.And no one should stand in the way of that.However if it really bother you, you should talk to your friend about.

You are in year 9 and your girlfriend is in year 8 all of your friends keep paying you out about it but you really like her and she really likes you what should you do?

date her anyway and lose your friends. if they don't like who you date they cant be real friends

If your 15 and aren't really friends with girls what should you do to get a girlfriend?

talk with a girl and see where she is good or not then think of gf

Why should you not go out tonight with your girlfriend and her friends?

If her friends are girls and you go out with them and your girlfriend theres a chance that they will flirt with u. It will end very bad. Going out with just your girlfriend is much better, or if she really wants you to go with her and her friends, ask her if you can bring some of your friends, that way your girlfriends friends have other guys to flirt with, rather than with you.

What should you say if you got in a fight with your best friends girlfriend?

you should apoligize t your friend and his girlfriend

What if you have a girlfriend but knowing that your friends going to make fun of you?

If you really like the girl than stay with the girl. If your friends are going to make fun of you than they are not your friends. Friends should understand. Try to tell them how you feel. It might sound silly but just say how you feel. If they still laugh, than dont let it bother you. Be a leader and dont worry about a little problem like that. It's there fault that they are making fun of you!

If my girlfriend is really shy and acts like we are just friends should i still try to kiss her?

no y would u do dat

If you really like a guy and he calls you sometimes but he has a girlfriend what should you do?

Don't get in the middle of his relationship or you will be known as the person who broke him and his girlfriend up. You should be friends and wait patiently for him to end the relationship. If he likes you, you won't have to wait long.

Should you stay friends with a guy who already has a girlfriend?

If you two are genuine friends & nothing more, yes. There should not be an issue. Just remember to be respectful of his relationship & his girlfriend.

Should you be friends with your ex boyfriend?

Depends if he was really nice then you should try to be friends but if he was a jerk then don't even bother. Well I think you should only be your ex boyfriende's friend if he didn't hurt you or cause any trouble between you guys!! But remember its all up to you.

Should you flirt with this boy you like?

I don't see why not unless he has a girlfriend then don't bother and interfere with the relationship.

How can you get a girlfriend if you have few friends that are girls and non who are close friends what should you do?

get to know them better

What if you have a girlfriend but your friends make fun of you because you dating her?

if there your real friends then they would be supportive of your relationship, and you shouldn't let your friends make fun of you girlfriend. remind them who has the girlfriend around here, And maybe they should get a girlfriend. But if you tell them to stop and they won't then forget them.

What do you do if your boyfriend's friends don't like you and your friends don't like him?

you should focus on just you two and if you really care about him then you shouldn't care what your friends think about your boyfriend/girlfriend You Should Just Box The Unimportant People Out And Tell Them To Keep It Moving Because You Are Not Interested!

Should you be nervous to hug your girlfriend in front of her friends?

no not at all

I regret breaking up with my girlfriend what should i do?

talk to her if you really love her do not let her go I did that to my boyfriend and now we are just friends and I hate it

Should you kiss your girlfriend at a friends house with all of your friends with you?

if all your friends shout " do it do it do it" over and over again

What if you like your friends girlfriend?

You really shouldn't do anything. If you really like her, then you wait until they break up to do anything about it .You should also probably tell your friend before you do anything, out of respect.

What do you do if you're popular but you're going out with a guy who is not so popular?

That should not bother you. If you like him, who cares? If your friends make fun of you, then they are not your friends.