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Coming from the Polish community, we just recently had a girl that was here 16 years illegal (from 2 to 18) A couple days after her 18th birthday she got married, and thus applied for a green card. Her green card would have been rejected if she wasnt married. She did pay a fine tho for overstaying her visa

You also have to file several forms. I-485 Adjust Status- Because she came legally but overstayed I-130 Petition for Relative - Filed by you to claim your wife I-864 Affidavit of support- You have to prove you can support your spouse 125% while her working papers are pending.

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Q: If your girlfriend overstayed her visa by more than a year and you want to get married should you first get married then apply for a green card or vice versa?
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Can an overstayed visa alien marry a permanent resident and apply for a green card while in US?

You can get married, but from an immigration standpoint, it will not grant you legal status. If you are overstayed, you must leave the country and return LEGALLY in order to appropriately take advantage of the US laws and constitution. You can also apply for a green card, however, it will not be granted because your are not eligible being overstayed with an expired I94. You are an ILLEGAL alien, thus you loose your privileges.

Can a Canadian citizen who overstayed his visit and is now married to an American citizen apply for citizenship?

No, you have to first obtain a green card and fulfill the residency and criminal background requirements.

What should you do if you overstayed out of US and you are a green card holder?

You should apply for a returning visa (SB-1) at the closest US consulate or embassy.Only if the reason for not returning is acceptable by the consulate or embassy official your application would be processed.

My boyfriend is from Australia but is applying for a green card im here illegal overstayed my visa Can i get a green card when he gets his Is it best to marry before or after he gets his green card?

You should leave and then have him apply for you.

Can a young teenager who came to the US when he was little with a visa and overstayed apply for a learner's license?

You can, but, you may get deported if your not legal to be in the States.

If you came to US on b1 visa and overstayed how do you become citizen?

Dear Sir/Madam . I entered the country in early 2006 with a visitors visa (Type b1/b2), but now I have overstayed .. I want to apply for permanent residency but I am afraid that since I overstayed my visa I will not be eligible. I am going to marry with one USA Citizen , what is the process? how much time it takes for me to get Citizenship? she is married and having 3 kids her hubby was passed away long back. After marriage can I visit my home country to see my parents? if I get any law problems? after marriage if any other reason we separate what rules can apply? please help me

What happens if you are married to a US citizen but overstayed your tourist visa and lost your I-94?

If you are married to a US citizen but your tourist visa is expired and you lost your I-94, you should immediately apply for a new visa or return to your country. Your I-94 is filed electronically, and you can get a new copy from the Department of Homeland Security. If you don't take action yourself, you may end up being deported and not allowed to return.

If an illegal immigrant overstayed his visa for 4 years and then married a US citizen can he apply for change of status without the risk of being deported?

Marrying a US citizen does not automatically make the other person a citizen. Spouses of US citizens can and do get deported everyday. Send him back home and apply for him while he is not in the U.S.

Can two undocumented immigrants get legally married in Michigan?

Yes. No identifying documents should be requested when you apply for a license to get married.

How can I retrieve personal property of my deceased father from his last place of residence if his girlfriend is not compliant?

You will need a court order and you should apply ASAP. You should consult with an attorney.

Im 17 your girlfriend is 15 can you get married?

Neither of you is old enough. A 17 year old requires parental permission to get married. Most states require you be at least 16 to apply for a marriage license, even with parental permission.

Your fiancee has been here seven years and you plan to get married he has never been in any trouble and wants to become legal what do you need to do?

YOU need not do anything, he on the otherhand should apply for citizenship THEN you should get married.

How long does it take to apply for housing once your married to a person in the army?

It should take over 19 months

I a Brazilian man wanting to marry your Australian girlfriend in Australia and become a resident how many years after you are married till you are legally an Australian?

being married to an Australian will get you into the country. However once you have managed that you can normally apply for citizenship after 3 years.

If I live in Colorado but am getting married in Chicago where do I apply for a marriage license?

If you are getting married in Chicago, you apply for a marriage license in Chicago.

Who should apply for scholarships?

everyone should apply for scholarships.

How many years you have to be married to apply for us residency?

You do not need to be married any particular length of time to apply for US residency. Once you are married to a US citizen you can apply for residency right away. The process takes about 6 months to complete.

Where do you apply your name to be matty b's girlfriend?

Abby bushinger

Is it better to apply for citizenship as a single person and them marry your illegal fiancee or should you marry him and then apply for citizenship as a married person?

yes, apply as a single person that way when you marry your fiance you are an American citizen and it will make it easier to get him a green card.

Can welfare find out if you are married?

No. Welfare can not find out if you are married unless you apply for your spouse.

If I am married to a Dutch national may you apply for Dutch naturalisation?

Yes, you can apply for Dutch nationality. Even if you dont get married, if you live together, you can also apply for it but it takes longer of course.

You want to marry an illegal immigrant who is not divorced but her husband is in another country How do you marry her?

The illegal immigrant should go back to his or her home country and complete the divorce with his or her spouse. Then you should either get married in that country and apply for a spouse visa, or go visit that country and upon returning apply for a fiance visa and get married in the US after the fiance visa is granted.

Will Medicare cover pegnant girlfriend?

If your pregnant girlfriend is on Medicare it will cover it. Normal deductibles and co pays still apply.

If you get married do you have to tell the man who gives you child support?

Depends on specific states laws as they apply to child support and the welfare of the child. If the mother married a sex offender, should the father know?

Can you divorce a filipina?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.