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Do better in 10th, focus extra hard on your 11th and 12th grade GPA. Then you should be fine. If the grades are still lower than you desired, consider a Community College for the first two years of college then transfer to a "supergood" university. You improved and colleges look at that. Maybe not a supergood college but a good one. As long as you get excellent (and we're talking 4.0's) grades after 9th grade, your chances should not be lower than any other 4.0 student, as long as you are strong in the rest of your application. Answer As long as you do well in 10th, 11th and 12th grade you should be okay. Colleges like to see improvement in grades.

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Q: If your grade point average was 1.2 in grade 9 and you do really well in grade 10 what are your chances of getting into a good college?
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