If your hamster is pregnant do you have to separate the male hamster from the female?


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If your hamster is a syrian then after the hamsters have mates, yes, you do have to separate them.

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Once you see that the pregnant female is larger you should separate the male from the female

He gets abused. You have to separate them at this point.

well usually when you have a pregnant hamster housed with a male hamster, the female will fight him visously until death. However once her babies are born, the male will eat them! So after you mate them, separate the 2 immediatly.

A female hamster can get pregnant if it mates with a male hamster.

If its a dwarf hamster, you can choose if you want the male to stay. If its a syrian hamster you can give the male away.

Yes. A female hamster cannot become pregnant unless it mates with a male hamster.

If its male, it isn't pregnant! If your female hamster has never been in contact with a male hamster, it is impossible for it to become pregnant.

No, a Syrian Hamster needs a male to become pregnant.

male and female get together

no, but you must take the male hamster away from the female hamster

No - a female hamster needs a male to reproduce !

yes all male hamsters eat their babies when your female hamster is pregnant you should separate the male from the mother and the babies or he will eat them and kill the mother !

to get the female hamster pregnant you have to have a male

No, there has to be a male so the female can get pregnant.

If it is male then it cannot be pregnant.

Yes. I learnt that the hard way. The female gets stressed and attacks the male as an act of protection for her unborn babies.

Yes, you do have to separate them. Or else, the male will eat the babies once they are born.

erg a male hamster and a female hamster kind of go together and... yeah

NO. There must be a male hamster. You must have the male liquids make the female pregnant. fun stuff...

No, it will often take them a couple more times to mate before she becomes pregnant.

After the female becomes pregnant, she will become very aggressive toward the male. At that point you should separate them. If you do not, the male is going to be severely abused by the female.

Yes because the male will try to kill the female and the babies

I'm not so sure myself, but I think you have to remove the male hamster immediately after the pups are born. Again I'm not so sure. I believe you should whethere you need to or not because, the female will need space. ~Ivy~

Is your hamster male or female? Is there any possibility she could be pregnant?

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