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Check to see if your bulb power sockets/ relays for low and high are the same ...that way you can switch the plugs. ( usually the bulbs must be the same type. If you do not need any lights, pull the fuse.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:57:12
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Q: If your headlights were stuck on high when your car came out of the shop what can you do until the shop opens again on Monday?
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Why would the headlights be stuck on high beam?

the dimmer switch is bad

Why do rabbits get stuck in the headlights?

Like all animals, it blinds them, and they go into shock and do not move for a while.

Back hatch opens but the it doesnt shut what could this be?

there may be something stuck in the hatch

I have a 99 dodge cummins headlights will not turn off?

check the headlamp relay most likely stuck

Convertible top on SL 500 is stuck?

Stuck as in what? Is it like not closing/opening, or is it literally stuck in between stages? If its stuck half way, usually starting the car again or pressing the button for longer will start it again, otherwise get a repair center to look at it.

If your canoe gets stuck in a tree with the headlights still on how many pancakes does it take to get to the moon?

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How do you fix a 1991 dodge stealth twin turbo with its headlights stuck up?

pop the hood and look beside your headlights on the inner side of them, there should be a a little round cap type thing with an arrow on it. remove this cap and turn the dial, this is the manual way to raise and lower the headlights

How open a stuck latch on 1998 silverado center armrest?

Spray some wd-forty in the front where it opens.

Is it a fuse issue if the headlights on your Volvo 240 GL aren't turning on but the brights work?

No you have a bad dimmer swith or the relay is stuck!

Why is my defrost stuck on my blazer?

The air door under the Blazers dash could be stuck, or there could be a vacuum leak on the engine. The door opens and closes from vacuum, directing the air from heat to defrost.

MP3 player stuck on pause?

Can you turn it off and on again?

1998 Chey Camaro SS headlights will not switch to low beam it is stuck in high beam mode?

you will probably have to replace the headlight switch.

How do you open a stuck rear door on a 2001 Ford Escape XLT?

How do you open the stuck rear door on a 2001 Ford Escape? Try wd40 under ouside handle into openings. Opens most.

Your 2000 cavalier does not get hot?

Thermostat is stuck open. Replace it. It opens at 180 degrees. Car should run at 195 degrees

What do you do to activate your binweevil account if its not working?

you get stuck and can never play again

Why won't your 1997 BMW 740i headlights turn off?

When the headlights don't turn off when you turn off the car, the issue is probably a stuck relay. If you disconnect the battery for a few minutes they will go out. This is just a temporary fix until you can get it to a mechanic.

Would the battery be shorting out if the headlight module is stuck on all night?

Yes, although a normally occurring short, assuming you mean the headlights were lit.

What problems will a failed thermostat cause?

overheating , or blow a radiador hose if stuck closed. if stuck open wont really do nothin but eat antifreeze muhhahahahaha it just opens to save your engine from gettin too hot

Why would your headlights and tail lights remain on even after you turn off the switch Also they are stuck on high beams as well?

you probably have a bad headlight switch.

Why won't the headlights go off on a 1995 Buick Riviera even when the ignition is turned off?

Probably a stuck headlight relay. Bang on it and see if it releases.

Can I choose the color of the headlights on any custom computer?

No, you'll be stuck with what color it comes with. If you're feeling enterprising you could change it yourself when it arrives, though.

How do you get a song stuck in your head?

Listen to the same song over and over again.

How do you open a fiat punto boot if it is stuck?

mine got stuck but could still be open from inside, all i needed was WD40 on lock outside and it started opening again. Sorry if it isn't this kind of stuck

Why headlights dont shut off 96 bonniville?

A 96 Bonneville should have a relay in the headlight timer circuit. Check the relay as it is most likely stuck and needs replacing

1990 Mazda RX7 headlights are stuck in the up position Any Ideas?

try turnning knob directly above head light switch. that retracts them up and down