If your husband admits he is in love with someone very close to you but begs you to stay with him should you stay or not?

My goodness, I feel so very sorry this has happened to you. Even if you are finacially dependent on this man, this is not a reason to stay. You have to make a plan to leave. Get on that phone a call a Center for Women. There should be numbers in your phone book to call. They are there for you. They will help you with a long term life plan, which includes, financial assistance, education, houseing etc. to get you out and on your own, and independent. If you are finacially independent and stable, get out of there and move on. This man has committed the Ultimate betrayal, and his unlove and respect for you say's it all. Ask yourself, why should any one stay in a relationship if it is clearly evident that there is no love, respect and trust. Clearly, there is no RELATIONSHIP.

What if my husband confessed that he is physically attracted with someone else, but constantly telling me that he only loves me. What will be my next move? They constantly talk over the phone everyday since the girl she met moved to other state. It hurts me so bad then we have sex and have a baby

If he is talking to her every day, tell him to cut the crap and remember his marital VOWS!!!! They should not be taken lightly! If he wont stop it and you feel he may cheat on you, LEAVE HIM!! Even the Bible says that infidelity (even infidelity of the mind) is grounds for divorce.

And if your husband is in love with someone else, get out of that marriage as fast as you possibly can! It is better to move on from an unfaithful man with some pain involved than to hurt yourself forever by staying with him.