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Q: If your husband had a psychosis episode what are the chances that he might he have another one?
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What are the chances of your offspring having myopathy if your husband's brother has myopathy?

What are the chances of your offspring having myopathy if your husband's brother has myopathy?

If your husband has had tuberculosis since childhood what are the chances that you now have it?

Chances are nil (0%).

What are the chances that a wife gets HIV from her HIV positive husband?

Chances are pretty good.

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I assume this is in reference to the myth that marijuana causes sterility in men. This is completely false. So the chances of a marijuana smoker becoming impregnated by another smoker is just as likely as two non-smokers.

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No she doesn't have another husband.

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What are the chances of having a baby after having a vasectomy?

Indeed, there are chances even with a properly carried out vasectomy. A family friend conceived at 43 after her husband had this surgery. She was told that her chances of conceiving were about 1 in 3,000 and then another doctor told her 1 in 5,000. I have also talked to a reliable (many-times certified) MD who said it was about 1 in 250,000 chances. Apparently, this number isn't a certain statistic, but the obvious factors are (1) that conceiving is probable, and (2) the chances of this are rare.

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there is no reason why not. the chances of having a girl or a boy are just the same wether it is you or your husband is sick

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If your husband wants to watch you with another man, then there's a problem. No husband should want their wife with another man let alone watch them.

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I dont mean "The last hunt"

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Yes, but her husband had another wife.

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Husband said he is gay then said he only said that because i keep bothering him?

chances are he is gay!

Your husband had a vescictomy and you have had a tubal What are your chances of having a baby?

I was told there is a 2% chance having a baby.

What Ventriloquist and her husband wrote a Star Trek Episode in 1969?

Shari Lewis

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100% if she has frequent anal sex with him and his gay lover.

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it depends on you and your bf or husband but it is likely u will have twins

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In my experience, as both a husband and a wife, 100%

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If your husband is in a rock band will it harm your unborn baby to hear him play?

Probably not, but why take chances... (that's a joke)