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The Japanese manga series Fullmetal Alchemist was written by Hiromu Arakawa. Set in a fictional world, the story focuses on two alchemist brothers who try to restore their bodies after a disastrous attempt to revive their mother through alchemy.

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Is FMA brotherhood sad?

yes because some notable characters die.

For this user, it's downright heartbreaking at times. The series as a whole, however, is not tragic.

DIFFERENT PERSON: It is not really sad per say. It has some sad parts, but it is not as a whole, sad. It is awesome, the way they put the plot together.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

How old is Van Hohenheim from FMA?

around 400 years old

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Does Ed and Al ever reunite in full metal alchemist?

yes, Ed and Al they are reunited in Full Metal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa.

There is also a movie that came out in 2011 Full Metal Alchemist The Movie: The Sacred Star of Milos.

Also, there was recreated series called FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. In the first 20 episodes, it is about the same as FMA, but then takes a HUGE turn. Its pretty good too,

Fullmetal Alchemist

Lyrics of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood ending 2?

Let it Out

Miko Fukuhara

let it all out, let it all out

tsuyogaranakute iin' da ne

dare ka ga kaiteta kabe no rakugaki no hana ga yugeru

jibun rashisa nante dare mo wakaranai yo

nagai nagai michi no tochuu de nakushitari hirottari

kyuu ni samishki natte naichau hi mo aru kedo

namida mo itami mo hoshi ni kaeyou

ashita o terasu hikari o tomosou

chiisakuna te o woteru futari tsukuriou hoshikuzu o

tsuyoku hikari eien o sagasou

sayonara itsuka WA kuru kamoshirenou

kisetsu WA sore de mo meguri megutteku

chiisaku mayotte mo

aruiteku kimi to aruirekeku

sore dake WA kawaranaide you me

Fullmetal Alchemist

What episode does Edward propose to Winry?


Edward never formally proposes to Winry. However, in the last episode of the anime (chapter 108 of the manga), Edward says (using the alchemic terms that he's known for) that he'll give Winry half of his life if she gives Edward have of hers, to which Winry responds that she'll give Edward all of her life. We later see the two married and with a child.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Is Fullmetal Alchemist based on a true story?



Though full metal alchemist isn't factual or really based on actual events, there is a key connection with one of the main characters and to one of the leaders of a cult.

Ed and Al's dad is Hohenheim, and von Hohenheim is the last part of Paracelsus' name.

The partial truth comes in the fact that Paracelsus, a Swizterland native born in 1493, was attributed with much work with homunculi, though they never existed, unless you call midgets and dwarfs little men too, as that is how homunculous translates.

However, there is another connection between us and the events of FMA as in history it is recorded that scientists during the 19th century have been investigating alchemy like turning lead into gold or silver, also in history it mentions that scientists would search for an elixir of life in alchemy with the uses of "The Philosopher's Stone" a blood red stone as shown in FMA and the first Harry Potter movie.


Also in the movie that was to be the finale of the first series, there are many connections to Nazi Germany, including Ed and Al being somewhat responsible for the failed Beer Hall Putsch.

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Lil Wayne

What kind of jacket does Lil Boosie wear on the XXL magazine cover?

maybe coogi or crown holder It Was Coogi

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Where can I find an Alphonse Elric wig?

it should say on google images

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What is the title of the first ending song in Fullmetal Alchemist?

The name of the first ending song in Fullmetal Alchemist is Kesenai Tsumi (消せない罪) ("Inerasable Sin")

The song was composed by Susumu Nishikawa and sung by Nana Kitade (北出 菜奈).

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What episode does ed get impaled in fmab?

Episode 41 - The Abyss

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Where in the show full metal jousting filmed at?

Providence Hill Farm LLC, 2600 Carsley Rd, Jackson, MS 39209 is the location in which Full Metal Jousting was filmed.

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Does edward elric have a son?

Edward Elric eventually has a son ( and daughter), but with Winry.

The baby Rose was carrying was a baby she had when she was raped by a soldier during the Rebellion.

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Why do people use human transmutation on alchemy?

people use human transmutation for the soul purpose to bring someone who was loved by another back to life. but following the laws of alchemy what could equal the life of a human soul.

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Why does greed die in fullmetal alchemist?

Because he is a fool.

he takes on all of the other homunculi and is killed by ed in the original.

in brotherhood, he is bashed by wrath then taken back by father

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Where Can you watch fullmetal alchemist brotherhood part 4?

here are some sites:




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How many seasons of full metal alchemist?

4 (2003) 5 (2009)

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Do riza hawkeye have a child?

Doesn't say in anime or manga.

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Does alphonse turn human?


Fullmetal Alchemist

What is the story of Fullmetal Alchemist Bluebird's Illusion?

The story of Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion takes place about five years after Edward and Alphonse Elric's failed transmuation attempt to bring back their mother. Alphonse has a body and Edward is still in military, recently promoted to Colonel and working under the Fuhrer. However, Alphonse's body begins to deconsruct and Edward is involved in a dangerous scheme with the homunculi. The game has four different endings, so it all depends on how you play the game.
The story of Bluebird's illusion takes place about 5 years after the failed transmutation incident. Al has his own body back and Ed is still in military, working under the Fuhrer. However, Al begins to have problems with his body and Ed is involved in a scheme that could possibly turn him into a Homunculus! It all depends on how you play the game.

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Is Russell Howard seen as rude?

That's A personal opinion.

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Why doesn't Edward Elric have to wear a military uniform?

The military doesn't make extra small uniforms xD

Actually, he has a civilian status so he does not have to wear the uniform.

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What is the name of the full metal alchemist bluebird's illusion song?

The song is called "Moments" by Ayumi Hamasaki, but is sung in the game by Chris Fox.

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What is security alchemist township India limited?

this is secured because alchemist is a big company and already listed

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When did Ed Elric fall in love with Winry?

It doesn't actually say when he does but it seems like when they delivered the bay at Rush Valley. It could also be when they are at Briggs. But you can really tell that he likes her at the start of the last episode in FMA brotherhood

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What is the name of the priest from the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist?

His name is Cornello.


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