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Fan Fiction is a type of writing in which writers can take their favorite movie, book, TV show, song, or anime and make it their own. They write from the point of view of already established characters that they have come to know through being fans, although. Thea different character's point of view, a totally different plot, a new character, a new ending/beginning, and the list never ends!

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Fan Fiction

How do you post something on the internet?

The first thing you must do is find somewhere to post it. The next thing you need to do is copy and paste it. After that you must save it to documents and then when you go to the website you want to post it on just double click and then it will say paste and then if you click it, it will pop up on the website and ask you if you want to post this image and if the answer yesthen you will click sure if not please click no thanks.

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Fan Fiction

What is the opposite of slash fiction?

The opposite of slash, which is homosexual, would by het, or heterosexual fiction.

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Fan Fiction

Are there any fanfiction stories about Max and Fang?

Yes they are all over the place you just have to look. I suggest going to the Maximum Ride home page and finding some.

Sisters Grimm
Fan Fiction

Where can you find sisters grimm fanfiction?

You can find it on just go under Home then Books (you were talking about the book series right?) and then skim down the list and you should find it and i think there's like 170 fanfiction stories right now...... i hope that helps! :)

Fan Fiction

In fanfic what does smut mean?

I think it means porn or sex.

Fan Fiction

Where can you find a beast boy and raven Teen Titans fanfic where the beast brands raven as his mate?

As of 2/23/2012, this story can be found at the link below. The name of the story is Primeval. I believe that the author has left it unfinished.

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Is there a cats and dogs fan fiction?

Yes -- to find any fanfiction, just type in the word fanfiction (or fan fiction) and the show or movie you want, like "cats and dogs fanfiction" and it will bring up whatever is out there.

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Where can you find Naruto fan fiction?

Here are some links: and '

You can also try the following:

Also, there is deviantART under the literary section

Theres also But, it's not exclusively Naruto. there are other fan fics for other anime.
The place I use to find Naruto Fanfictions is:

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What is Dannyfic?

Dannyfic refers to Danny Phantom fanfic. Fanfic is short for fan fiction, which is fiction written by fans of a TV show, comic series, movie, etc., as an extension of the original. It is usually posted on the Internet on fan sites or forums. Danny Phantom is the name of an animated television show on Nickelodeon about Danny Fenton,
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Is fan fiction legal?

Yes it is, as long as the author of the fanfiction disclaims ownership or publishes it on a site that has permission from the author/creator of the original work. Sites like have a more detailed explanation in their terms of service and privacy agreements if you want more info.

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Where can you find Harry Potter fanfiction where the Dursley's are nice?

There are many notable Harry Potter fanfiction sites, and on one of them there is sure to be the sort of fic you are looking for. Try MuggleNet FanFiction or

Fan Fiction

Where can you find fanfiction stories?

To find fanfiction for anything, go to your favorite search engine, type in the word "fanfiction" (or "fan fiction" if you prefer) and then the subject you are looking for (Twilight, Naruto, Harry Potter, Star Trek, whatever). This will pull up all the websites with fanfiction for that subject.

There is a link below to a website that lists the Best Fanfiction Sites!

Fan Fiction

What is your favorite fan fiction dramione?

On fanfiction . net, I liked "Simply Irresistible" by bookworm1993, and anything by Hesaluti.

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Is there any fanfiction for Pokemon special?

Yes. I suggest there are FanFictions for the Anime and game under the same catigorie though, so read the summeries, most of the time they tell you if it's based of the games, anime or manga.

Hope that helps.

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Invader Zim (TV Series)

Is there a list of Invader Zim fanfiction sites?

Besides the only one that I can think of is

See the links below.

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The Difference Between

How do you post a story on Fan Fiction?

The process of posting your own fanfiction is simple, and easy, and requires no complicated scripting, as such. To post a fanfiction, you are required to have an account on, you can gain an account, by clicking the Register button in the top-right part of the screen.

Getting an Account

Firstly, it will show you the fanfiction Terms of Service, that you must read, and then press Agree, to show that you agree with the rules have made.

Then, enter a desired Pen Name (you can change this later,) enter your e-mail address, then verify it by typing it again, and, do the same for your password. You must also tick the two boxes below saying "Yes, I have read and accepted the Terms of Service," and "Yes, I'm at least 13 years old."

Lastly, you must enter an image verification, it will give you a picture of a word or two, that you must type in the box. This is just to make sure you are not a bot, and is nothing more. Now that you have your account, you can login, and check your secure account details.

Uploading Document

There are several tabs you can enter, on your account, you can explore these later, but, for now, you just need the account. Now, write your fanfiction story, and save it under a file that you will be able to find easily. Then, go onto the Documents tab, and you will see a box labelled "Upload New Document."

There, you will have a space to give the document a label, don't worry, this isn't what the chapter will be called, unless you want to so name it. Then, browse your files for the document with your fanfiction chapter in it - your fanfiction should be uploaded in chapters, by the way, not, the whole story in one thing, unless the whole story is chapterless, and it's just that chapter. Make sure that, out of the two circles, Story, and DocX, below the submit button, the Story circle is checked.

Submitting Story

Then, press the Submit Button, and, if gone successfully, your document will upload. One side detail, though, after creating your account, you must wait for a while before you can upload documents, it won't let you do so for a while, nor will it allow you to make a story for a while longer, either. When you have the first chapter of your story, go onto the Stories tab, and, click the Guidelines Tab.

Read them quickly, then, at the bottom, click, "Yes, I have read and agreed to the content guidelines. It will take you back up to the top, where you can either click, from there, to create a New Story, or click on the Tab next to Guidelines, to create a new story. It will present you with a window, asking you what category you want to place your story under, meaning, what Game, or TV Show, or Anime, or Cartoon, etc, do you want to place it under?

Once you have chosen, it will give you a screen where you can change all the settings for your story. There is a space for a title, and a synopsis, the title can only be 50 characters long, the synopsis, only 200 characters long. Below, you choose what language it's written in, and what Fiction Rating it is. (See the fanfiction Guidelines for more details in the Stories tab.) You can also choose two genres for your story, and whether it's In-Progress, or Complete.

Lastly, select the document you saved earlier, from a list, and that will add that chapter to the story. Click save, then, view the Contents/Chapters tab, to see your Chapter, currently un-named. Click edit if you wish to name it.

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What is fanfiction?

Fan fiction, also called fanfiction, is derivative fiction written using another author's characters and universe. Fanfiction authors write stories about their favorite characters from books, movies, or comics. This cannot be sold, because the original characters and universe are copyright to the original author.

Fanfiction can be shared, however, so long as no money is involved. For instance, if you are a fan of Stargate SG-1, then you might write stories about the characters that you know so well from watching 8+ seasons of them. Your story would be "fan fiction" because it isn't officially part of the show or the official histories of the characters, and you could post it online or share it in a newsletter between friends.

Most fanfiction authors are youngsters just starting out, so most fanfiction is poorly written. However, there are quite a few accomplished fanfiction writers who have mastered the art of writing a good story, and even the new authors are getting practice at the art. The majority of fanfiction is written by women (some studies say as much as 80 percent), and is romantic in nature.

Here are some terms you will see associated with fanfiction

  • Canon is the original body of fiction written by the original author
  • Fandom refers to a group of people who enjoy a specific work of fiction - they often get together online or in person to talk about their favorite books, movies, comics, etc.
  • Slash stories are erotic tales with same-sex pairings. This term started in the 1960's with fanfiction about Star Trek - so many people wrote and shared stories about Kirk and Spock "getting it on" that they began abbreviating these stories as "Kirk/Spock" which is read "Kirk-Slash-Spock" - this soon became a common term to denote any same-sex pairing, and from then it was shortened even further to just "slash" - the opposite of slash is het. Sometimes, when the same- sex pairing is between two females, it can be called 'femmeslash' or 'femslash'.
  • Gen stories are the ones without graphic sex - this is an abbreviation of the term "general" fiction. Often a story will be classified as "gen" if the fanfiction author does not have a specific category (such as mystery, romance, or adventure)
  • Dojin/Dojinshi is the Japanese version of fanfiction - this also originated in the 1960's and is usually about anime or manga characters
  • Lemon stories are the Japanese graphic sex stories - this term comes from the "Cream Lemon OVA" anime series
  • Yaoi/Shonen-ai and Yuri/Shojo-ai are the Japanese versions of slash. Yaoi is gay male and Yuri is lesbian - both are more sexually explicit than shonen-ai or shojo-ai stories
  • PWP stories - it either stands for "Porn Without Plot" or "Plot, What Plot?" - are stories that make no effort to make sense, and are just an excuse to write a sex scene
  • Ship or Shipper - this term is short for "relationship" and refers to the favorite romantic couple of a fanfiction author - also called pairing. Sometimes the fanfiction authors "smoosh" the names of the two characters together (Severus Snape/Harry Potter makes Snarry)
  • One True Pairing or OTC refers to the fanfiction's opinion about which characters are "perfect" for one another
  • Alternate Universe or AU stories involve changing the original fiction in a dramatic way, such as an alternate timeline instead of the way things evolved in the original fiction, or changing the characters' personalities from the way the original author wrote them
  • Crossover stories take characters from different works of fiction and put them into the same story (for example, Buffy travels to Hogwarts, or Edward and Bella visit Middle Earth)
  • Hurt/Comfort or H/C stories involve having one character injured or ill, and the other character takes care of them - a favorite story of young girls
  • Songfic stories are also favorite stories for young girls - these involve copying the lyrics to their favorite song and writing a story around the characters either listening to the song or performing it
  • Mary Sue characters - this term also began with Star Trek, with a character named Mary Sue who came aboard the Enterprise and proceeded to have romantic encounters with every member of the officers and crew, knew how to do everything aboard ship, and was so perfect that everyone who read the stories despised her. Mary Sue (the male version is Marty Stu or Gary Stu) characters are usually meant to represent the fanfiction author, or at least the way the author would like to be. They have unrealistic talents and skills, are beautiful or handsome beyond belief (often with oddly-colored hair and eyes), and usually cause most of the original characters to fall in love with them. Mary Sue characters are almost always written by young girls, and are often half human and half mystical creature (half-mermaid, half-centaur, half-dragon, etc). These stories also contain long descriptions of clothing and other personal adornment, and may be songfics

Many authors do not mind fanfiction - some even consider it flattering! - but many also resent such derivative fiction. Anne Rice is one author who is violently against fanfiction; JK Rowling is one author who finds fanfiction flattering. Before posting your fanfiction on the internet, you should check out the original author and be sure that they are not going to resent your work.

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Naruto Shippuden

What are all the naruto fan-fiction sites?

Shut up! Whoever wrote that chainletter is stupid! Don't write stuff like that please? For the question: There's And that's all I know, they all have a category for Naruto fanfiction. And you can sign up to the site to post your own fanfiction. But seriously whoever wrote that note for this answer is pretty stupid, not write something like that. Now then...repost this answer on your computer in the next 5 min. or you will die. That's kind of hard to believe...

Theres also

and theres the ones the other person mentioned

I know a lot more, but im to lazy to type all of them. well i hope these help

Also, there is deviantART under the literary section

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What are the fast track sallies?

It's a condition similar to "the runs." basically it's a nicer way of saying diarrhea.

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Where can you find Jonathan Creek fan fiction?

A small collection of fanfiction, along with episode guides, trivia, character pages, forums, and links, for Jonathan Creek can be found at

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What is an SYOT fan fiction story?





its for the hunger games!

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How is food moved along the alimentary canal?

The involuntary motion that moves food through the alimentary canal is called peristalsis and is a wavelike contraction and relaxation of the intestinal wall smooth muscles. It pushes food along the intestine.

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How do you create an account on www fanfiction net?

In the upper right corner of the site there is a link that says "Sign Up". Click this link and provide the information asked for and after an email confirmation you'll be in!


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