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Ask questions about structuring stories, building characters, enhancing conflict and the creative process involved with writing a scripted story.

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What is meant by unifying filmic devices?

According to Tim Dirk's AMC Filmsite definition of filmic devices in his Cinematic Terms dictionary, "...a filmic device in which a scene, character, object, and/or action may be associated, identified, or interpreted as an implied representation of something else (that is unrelated). Essentially, then filmic devices are metaphors used to represent -- visually -- some theme. You can see Dirk's examples at the end of North By Northwest, as the train steams into a dark tunnel, signifying the sex act, or rain pouring...
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How old do you have to be to be a screen writer?

You can be a screenwriter at any age. What you need includes: A rich mix of story-telling skills A command of the language in which you want to write your script An appreciation for the screenwriting format An ability to tell a story visually The discipline to write a screenplay, then re-write it until it's your best work Mastery of tips and tricks to survive writer's block A belief in yourself and your talent ...
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How do you shop your screenplay to Spike Lee?

Research all the contact details you can and send a printed copy of your script. Before you send it, however, copyright it or register it, to protect your interests. As well, work with an attorney to craft a cover letter absolving Mr Lee of any conflict that may exist based on his reading of your script. (If he already has access to a script with basically the same story as yours, he doesn't want you to sue him.) In completing your research, look...
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Are there any film characters who wear normal clothes?

A screenwriter generally describes a character with a character tag or two. Unless a character's clothing is a significant plot point, or unless the film is set in a 'period', clothing choices for characters is left up to the wardrobe department. Every film character wears clothing that is 'normal' for that character, adjusted, of course, to the body of the actor playing the character. ...
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How do you find professional co screenwriter?

When you have an idea that you want to make into a film, and choose to work with a co-screenwriter, it's a good idea to choose one with a track record of having paid work in the industry. Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) lists screenwriters with credits. You can hire a screenwriter, and when you do, you'll pay Writer's Guild wages. Usually, this is in the tens of thousands of dollars range, depending on how many re-writes you want. If you find a person...
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What are the differences between a radio script and a TV script?

A radio script is written to describe 'things' that can't be seen or heard. A TV script is written primarily to view 'things' that can be seen and heard. ...
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What is the story line of Verdi's Requiem?

It is a Roman Catholic funeral Mass The first line translates " Grant them eternal rest O' Lord" ...
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How hard is it to write a screenplay?

It depends on if you like to write or not. If you've never written anything in your life, it will be very difficult! Even if you wrote books all the time it would still be very hard and take a great deal of time! Another Answer Writing a screenplay -- 120 pages for a full-length feature film -- is an iterative process. Once you write it the first time, you'll re-write it again and again, until somebody buys it. Your first challenge is...
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What is the best way to write a summary of the plot of a story?

Stories have an overall plot with sub-plots and side story lines. Try writing down what seems significant to you from any part of the story. Then, try to narrow it down to the main plot. Your summary of the main plot can mention sub-plots, but the summary needs to describe the main plot, ...
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How are film scripts and theatre scripts different?

Film scripts are usually set, for example Chris "oh dear!" the actor couldn't say "oh no!" Where as theatre scripts are more relaxed. Film scripts also give scene changes and any computer generated activity is usually indicated. Theatre scripts give light directions, curtain falls and in some cases, tell the actor to use a colloquial style to the audience... Pantomimes are usually a good example of this :) Another Answer A film script is written so that everyone involved in telling the story on film...
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Where can you get the screenplay of Titanic?

You can get a "revised draft" of the 1997 Cameron script for $19.95 here: The screenplay isn't a shooting script, though, and it does not track editing. So it may not match the film. Or you can look for one on eBay. ...
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Where can you find a sample TV-movie budget?

You can find hundreds of budgets ranging from no-cost DIY films on up to mufti-million dollar Hollywood extravaganzas in the files on ReelGrok. At, ReelGrok's latest Featured Member discusses his latest film, "Career Courier," and posts the complete production budget for this very low cost documentary. No other online resource offers as many professionally made, working budgets. Avoid "instant" budget-making services. They only provide a false (and temporary) sense of security. Filmmakers (and their investors) need more accurate budgets. Samples and guides from ReelGrok...
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Where can i submit a film script I've written?

If you've written a script on your own, that script is called a 'spec' or speculation script. As the screenwriter of a spec script, you can continue your work by selling your script. You can look for producers or production companies who have produced scripts in the genre like yours. Make appointments with individuals and sell your script. You can submit your script to script writing contests to garner visibility. Producers routinely discard scripts that are submitted without reading them, based on intellectual...
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What is a film screenplay?

A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. A play for television is also known as a teleplay. Format and style The format is then structured in a way that one page usually equates to one minute of screen time. In a "shooting script", each scene is...
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How much money does a script writer make a year?

Well between $1,200,00 and $4,000,000 for the ones that sell alot. Another answer: It depends on where the scriptwriter works. When working on a script for hire, the union rate is wildly variable. The Writer's Guild of America (WGA), with a chapter in the East and a chapter in the West offers, guidelines for writer's payments. However, what a scriptwriter earns depends on may variables. The payments are different, depending on whether it's a film or a television production. If it's a film, is it a...
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How do you make your school books stylish?

cover them in any pf these items, the comics of the news paper, tin foil, any sort of book sleeves you can buy, old Christmas paper, terrycloth (you can cut up your moms bathrobe and when it rains it drys fast), cheesecloth, a collage with old pictures, sandpaper(makes sharpening pencils easier and makes desk smooth and is very stylish), photos you can get off of an ausome website called, a deflated basketball, old underwear, kleenexs, ...
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How much money does a film critic make per movie?

It depends on the publication and whether you are a staff writer or a freelance writer. Freelancers usually make $1 or less per word and some newspaper film reviews may be around $500 words. ...
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What are the roles and responsibilities of a script writer?

The person who writes a script for film -- whether the 'big screen' or television -- tells a story by way of a document written with a tight, precise format. A script is used by all the collaborators on a film project -- read the credits after a movie finishes: you'll see them all -- to contribute effectively to the finished product. Collaborators include producers, actors and directors, costume staff, set designers and location managers, background actors, sound effects people and sound designers,...
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How do you send a story to a Hollywood film writer?

It's not easy. I would advise to first find an agent in the field. To give a better idea of what I mean, read the article link. ...
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How do you write a short film script?

You can tell your story in the allotted number of minutes -- short -- by writing one page per minute of film. Your story needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Your challenge will be to tell as much of the story as you can visually, so that your audience can absorb the entire story in the running time defined as 'short'. ...
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What is a shot to shot relationship in film?

You can think of this as a way to transition between scenes, or among characters/ objects/ elements in storytelling. Because film is a director's medium, choices like these are generally made by the director, and not by the screenwriter. But the screenwriter might suggest these examples: Barry and Ruth ride in his truck toward the library. Zoom in: the exterior door handle. Pause. Zoom out. Barry and Ruth discuss the books they picked up from the library. (A scene in the library selecting...
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Who writes the movie screenplay?

The screenwriter writes the screenplay. Screenplays are always re-written, so that the original writer may simply sell the original script to a production company who then hires a 'script doctor' to re-write it. Rarely does an original screenplay become a 'shooting script', but it does happen. Clint Eastwood, for example, is known for finding great scripts and shooting them. You can always read the name of the screenwriter in the closing credits for a film. Often, there are several writers given credit. ...