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Yes you could be pregnant. Sometimes the vasectomy will grow back together. Now be sure that if you are pregnant the doctor tells your husband that this is possable so he wont think you have cheated on him.

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Q: If your husband has had a vasectomy about 4 years ago but just recently you have had tender nipples and what seem to maybe be a period with light pink show not enough to wear a pad could you be pregna?
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Can you be pregnant if your husband had a vasectomy 17 years ago?

Every once in a while a vasectomy will reverse. A pregnancy test is cheap enough.

Can you get someone pregnant even if you had a vasectomy?

If the vasectomy was done properly and enough time has elapsed, then no.

Does Illinois Medical card cover a vasectomy?

My husband and I were on the medical card when he had his vasectomy. The entire procedure was covered. This was in 2005 and we had to pay a $2.00 copay. We had to find an office that would accept the medical card and we were lucky enough to find one.

How do you ask your husband to have a vasectomy reversal?

He's your husband and you should have learned enough communication skills to sit down and discuss this matter with him. Sometimes a reversal after a vasectomy doesn't always work. If you want another baby he may not agree and it is his body. The only way you are going to get through this problem is by learning communication skills and talk about the problem.

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What is the average success rate of vasectomy reversal procedures?

The average success rate of vasectomy reversal procedures is approximately 55%. This number is low enough to prevent many men from undergoing the procedure.

Can you get pregnant nine years after your husband had a vasectomy?

Vasectomies can rarely reverse themselves. It only takes one sperm to get pregnant so his sperm count would not have to be great. Simple enough to find out, he goes to the doctor, gives a specimen and see if there are any swimmers.

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What is a non reversible vasectomy?

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