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== == * By understanding the cross dresser it will put many of your fears to rest. These books also deal with Heterosexual tendencies and this does not mean your husband is gay! Understanding Cross-Dressing Virginia Prince 1976, Sandy Thomas Publications. * Believe it or not I think you are being unfair to him. If you can't handle the fact he cross dresses (in the privacy of your home and not out in public) then don't stay with him. Many people think cross dressers are gay and 98% of the time they are not. Many men like the feeling of silky materials against their own skin and I've learned that if you had the power to strip down males in several high corporate positions you would be shocked at the fact their either wear women's underwear (panties) or play with panties in their pocket because they enjoy the feeling of the silk, etc. No, he isn't going to change anytime soon because this is part of him. If he's a good man and keeps this part of himself private then I suggest you learn more about cross dressers on the internet. Are you embarrassed for him or you? If he's a good man, keeps things private, then talk to him and try to understand why he does this. You could be missing out on a good guy. I remember on two occasions I was surprised when two of my girlfriends told me that their husbands loved to wear their pantyhose around the house. It started out as a joke, but then their husbands really liked the feel of silk on their legs. They only did this in the privacy of their own home and not all the time. It really isn't any worse than asking yourself why some women dress in only slacks, T-shirts, boots, or, why some men/women shave their heads bald. It's how you perceive it that counts. If you could get into the minds of some of the most powerful people in the world and find out their strange personal habits you'd realize that some of them will dress up as women in the privacy of their own home or, they love kinky sex.

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Q: If your husband has stopped crossdressing since you have gotten back together is it reasonable to expect this to be permanent?
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